Windows 8 To Have 20 Different Metro Themes For More Personalization

In Windows 8 Release Preview, Microsoft had only 5 different themes for the Metro start screen experience. With Windows 8 RTM, Microsoft will be providing 20 different themes allowing for more personalization for the users. As you can see in the image above, Microsoft has already created themes of different colors from which users can select their favorite. Also, Microsoft is adding more new lockscreen and desktop wallpapers with Windows 8 RTM. The following image is reported to be the default Windows 8 wallpaper,

Are you happy with the  Personalization/Customization options in Windows 8?

Source: Win8china

  • Milad Bazzaz

    yes, I think thats more than enough to be honest…at the end of the day it has to look pretty and work well. I think it does both. Of course there will always be people that love to tinker around but I think most people use the stock Windows 7 experience without doing anything. A few “power” users and bloggers will piss and moan…and then finally move on.

    • Jimmy_Jangle

      Very true, I consider myself a power user of sorts, and the last thing on my mind when I’m working is what pretty colour scheme / theme it should be in. If it works and is fluid and fast, I’m all for it.

    • Jizzaki

      I disagree that its more than enough. I have little cousins and nephews who like to theme windows 7 to make it look like mac, and plenty of friends and family who like to personalize their desktop with a custom homescreen background. Whether it be a picture of them and their family, a picture of their car, or who knows what. The option to personalize their home screen to what they want is something millions of people do. There’s a less cool factor when everyone is stuck with the same options. Not saying throw out metro cause I think its beautiful, but give the user more options.

  • Elli27

    just wish stuff on windows phone 8 will be brought over to windows phone 7.8, please continue supporting 7.x users don’t leave us behind just because you want to start a clean slate

    • sanshiro

      You realize this is about Windows8, right? Not WP8.

    • Chris Georgeson

      Windows Phone 7 was released on November 8th 2010. MS has supported the same phones for the past (nearly 2 years). They haven’t left anyone behind at all and NO you will not get all the same features for Windows Phone 8, software wise because they have been optimized for a different core completely. People need to move on, either to a new phone OS or just get Windows Phone 8.

      Now to quote sanshiro…..”
      You realize this is about Windows8, right? Not WP8.”

    • Ryan T

      If you don’t have a Lumia, it looks like 7.8 is gunna be under supported. Nokia is the only WP7 manufacturer doing anything interesting with the platform.

  • Rasool Shaik

    i like custom background for start screen

  • Jizzaki

    these theme options would be nice if it did come to WP. More options is better in my opinion.

  • Dr. Planarian

    Happy with the customization options? HELL no! I want my OWN picture as a background on the Metro start screen, and I want to be able to divide up the tile groups both vertically AND horizontally.

    I like Windows 8 other than that, well, that and the removal of any decent FreeCell, Spider Solitaire and Minesweeper. The versions from the “Store” really bite. Who, at least on a desktop computer, wants to play solitaire against others, or Minesweeper in full screen?