Windows 8 To Release In Q4 2012 As Per Fujitsu’s Roadmap

According to the leaked roadmap of Fujitsu by Notebookitalia, Windows 8 will launch in Q4 2012. We have seen various such proofs in the past that Windows 8 will launch in Q4 2012 which Microsoft is yet to confirm. We can expect some announcements from Microsoft on Feb-29th during Windows 8 Consumer Preview launch. Windows 8 launch in Q4 2012 will be a perfect timing which will align with Windows Phone 8, Office 15, launches. Lets see how Microsoft plays this out.

Source: Notebookitalia

  • the person

    that’s incredibly disappointing but given Microsoft’s bland release schedule I’m not surprised.  Prolly Oct 23rd.

  • Anonymous

    Q4 any months 8th date….for sure..

  • Anonymous

    In other news, the sun went down yesterday evening and came up this morning.