Windows 8 to use SmartScreen to protect users from Trojan apps


These days the biggest issue with computer security exists between the screen and the chair.  Very often these days computers are infected by users downloading seemingly innocuous apps loaded with malware.

Windows 8 is set to help, with two features built right into the OS.  The first is screening files with SmartScreen to compare them with a list of known malware and known safe files, and the second is to actually block the execution of files Windows does not know is safe.

Long Zheng who leaked the screen shot notes the second feature is not activated by default, but considering the need to make Windows 8 as plug and forget as possible maybe it should be.

Read more at here.

  • Anonymous

    its not set as default because people might complain if smartscreen blocks a legit program it doesnt “know” yet.
    Kind of like UAC in vista. Although I thought it was great, some people did not like the constant UAC…

    • Saad Hashmi

      It was pretty annoying, but honestly it was worth it. Sometimes it saved me from opening up a couple of viruses.

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  • Cool New Gadgets

    Looks pretty useful.. it’s always good to know that there are options instead of nothing at all.