Windows 8 update coming to take the OS to first Beta?

imageMicrosoft has said their Developer Preview of Windows 8 was the first they would be providing updates to.  Now a rumour, started by Win8China, is going round that Microsoft is planning to release a public beta of the OS as early as September 30th.

While this seems incredibly early, we of course do not really know how far advanced Microsoft’s internal builds are, and with more than a million downloads of the Windows 8 DP already one could say Microsoft may as well make this an official beta also.


Thanks Hotmail Alias for the tip.

  • Malcolm Williams

    don’t believe win8china.
    seriously for every right story it is 11 wrong stories

  • Anonymous

    As cool as the developer preview is it doesn’t feel anywhere near to being beta quality. Plus, why release a developer preview if the beta is just around the corner.

  • Anonymous

    If they are really doing 1 beta, then 1 RC, I would guess we’ll see Beta in late January to Early Feb, then a RC in late May.  Then again, if they can get arm Win8 to market in the first calendar quarter next year ,who knows.

  • Avatar X

    Nope.  Beta in November.

  • Malcolm Williams

    A bit too premature
    win8china was right but the release has been delayed pending an updated Microsoft roadmap…so maybe a beta in October who knows