Windows 8 Will Also Support Resolutionary Display Screens

Microsoft today detailed the various display resolutions supported in Windows 8. Proper resolution support is needed in the OS to offer customers a broad choice of form factors while having predictable user experience. Also to make developers easily build apps that look great on all form factors in the Windows ecosystem. Also Microsoft has chosen 1024×768 as a minimum for Metro style apps. The Metro-Style apps will run great on screens up to 2560×1600 resolution.

You can read more about this in detail at Building Windows 8 blog.

  • Anonymous

    What’s it mean by “workbone pc”? Is a home PC (gaming/editing/etc) a Family hub then?

    • the person

      i think its a laptop….I could never imagine those resolutions on a desktop PC.

    • Anonymous

      It actually says Workhorse PC.

      As the title says common sizes I guess these are not mandatory and OEMs can produces others sizes/resolutions if they wanted.

      Workhorse PC stops at 15.6″ and Family hub starts at 23″??

      I guess these don’t include desktops only OEM built Laptops and all in ones.

      Workhorse = Laptop?
      Family hub = All in One?

  • David N

    Ok, so it works technically but how does it actually look when the resolution/dpi:s is increased? Does everything just get smaller? Because then, if this is in fact the case, this high dpi “support” is useless.

    • Johan Nilsson


    • Johan Nilsson


    • Bob

      Um, the blog post goes into extreme detail about pixel density and app support across form factors. Apple fanboi or troll?


    Obviously Win8 supports this. Win 7 supported resolutions over 2560×1600 too. It was a given from the get-go.

  • Steve Williams

    This is nothing new.  It was announced back at //build.  The documentation details how to support it.  Use the .scale-100, .scale-140, .scale-180 suffix on artwork to provide files for 100%, 140% and 180% nominal resolution.
    “Resolutionary” is not a word.

  • Anonymous

    No 7 inch screens. Ahh man. :(

  • the person

    a 17 inch slate?  holy crap!

    • David

      I know!

      And I was thinking Oh I need to buy 17″ one.

      It’s awsome!


    • Chandra

        Nope…this is to connect your tablet with the monitor and work like a pc…:)

  • Tom Profan

    There must be tablets with the same resolution as the new ipad.
    otherwise ms pads will have no chance on the market

    • rsgx

      Last time I checked, 2560 x 1440 = a higher res than 2048 x 1536.

      • the person

        QXGA (iPad) is a computer resolution whereas WQHD is a CE standard res…Windows 8 will ultimately be better suited for consumer content consumption…Apple was dumb to stick with a 4:3 ratio.

  • The Muffin Man

    Played with the new iPad. Screen was nice but who cares? Even for photo editors, that high a resolution and dpi is pointless. Nobody using a tablet is going to need such tech. Nobody. No one. Yes, not even you who thinks that you do. Wrong. It’s just another “quad core is better than dual core” and “size matters” Apple marketing campaign. The human can only register so much. MS is on the right track. Apple took a wrong turn years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Dammit, I thought you were referring to Windows PHONE 8.  Of coarse Windows 8 will support that resolution because Windows 7 did and Vista did and I think XP probably did.  No news here until some OEMs actually announce hardware with that resolution.

  • Anthony IamTiger Lee

    Metro full screen apps dont shrink at higher resolutions…

  • luke

    How does it work if you have multiple displays?? (3+)

  • Anonymous

    I just want a 1080p ClearBlack AMOLED tablet made by Nokia