Windows 8 will feature deep Windows Live and SkyDrive integration


Via we learn that the new Windows 8 explorer will feature the ability to sync and share files to the web directly,  using SkyDrive and Windows Live.

The leaked screen shot of explorer also shows that Windows 8 will use the same ribbons as the latest versions of Office and Windows Live.

Windows 8 will feature log-on using Windows Live, and other Windows Live integration, finally making sense of the name, and likely boosting the mindshare of the already popular service tremendously.  We would speculate that the end of supervision by the Justice Department is what finally allows these sensible changed to take place.

Read more about the recent Windows 8 developments at here.

  • Eingoluq

    sounds good. I wonder if they will leave mac users out of it.

  • Denis Jelec

    I do hope ribbons won’t make it into finished product. Particularly one from explorer, shown by Thurrot and Rafael… :-/

    • Jeff Genovese

      Ribbons are critical to making the OS touch/tablet friendly.

      • Denis Jeleć

        Ribbons contain exactly 0% of Metro look and feel, which many people still hope to see implemented. There are traces of Metro in recent leaks, and for one I do hope – that these ribbons are only an experiment of some sort.

        • Dustin Schultz

          From what I understand, they will have a more traditional Windows UI, and then an optional UI for tablets and the like that is based on Metro. So you can have ribbons in Explorer for the main UI, and then something based on Metro for tablet UI.

  • Cool New Gadgets

    Oh.. can’t wait to see how this feature works.. keep us posted.

  • Dustin Schultz

    I am really excited for deeper Live integration. The biggest thing, logging on to Windows with your Live ID. That is awesome. I could probably get rid of my domain controller and other such things at that point.

  • Anonymous

    “We would speculate that the end of supervision by the Justice Department is what finally allows these sensible changed to take place.”

    I’ve been saying for months that the very thing that people complained about continually with MS was due to the antitrust restrictions that companies like Google and Apple haven’t had to deal with.

    Windows 8 may very well be a gamechanger.

  • Edwin Rodriguez

    I cant wait! This is going to be huge for Microsoft. They are going to be truly innovating and have something very unique in the consumer market.

    • rsg1

      Same, it’s going to be awesome!

  • Bitbucket

    Good Lord!  Where are the going to get all that storage space?