Windows 8 will support 3D screens, WIFI Direct and portable Apps


Windows8Italia has ripped apart Windows 8 Built 7955 and has revealed many new features.

The most interesting is that the Windows 8 app store is written in HTML, but will still be a native app for the OS, which increasingly uses HTML5 as a native programing language.

The app store will also be able to synchronize apps from one machine to another, presumably based on live ID. This will make roaming profiles even more useful.

The OS will also support WIFI Direct, which allows devices to exchange files over WIFI without a router, and also include native support for 3D monitors, cellular networks and componentization (MinWin).

Lastly the OS will also support more 3D UI features as found in Windows Phone 7.

The OS is certainly shaping up to be a massive change from Windows 7, and as Ballmer has mentioned, is clearly the biggest bet the company has made in recent times.

Read more more detail at Windows8Italia here.

  • rsgx

    Is there anything Win8 isn’t going to have? Shaping up nicely indeed!

    Just waiting for all the apple fans with “mac had it first bla bla”.

  • Gregg Plummer

    Will Windows 8 include a native USB2 audio class 2 driver??? That would be great for companies that are developing high quality audio peripherals for HTPCs. These audio class 2 drivers have been available for Macs and Linux PC for quite awhile. It is about time they were available with Windows.

  • Test

    What about Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 support?