Windows 8 & Windows 7 OS Market Share Rises as Windows XP Continues to Decline

New numbers from Net Applications for the month of May show growing OS market for Windows 7 and Windows 8 while Windows XP continues to decline.

Windows 7 continues to dominate at the top with the OS now over 50% marketshare, up from 49.27% last month. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 combined is now at 12.64% up from 12.24% last month. Windows XP saw a slight decrease to 25.27% down from 26.29% last month.

Mac OSX 10.9 currently holds a 4.15% share, while Linux holds a 1.62% share. Windows Vista holds a higher share than both of these operating systems at 4.62%.

Source: Net Applications

  • koenshaku

    The OSX colors were very similar to windows 7 on that pie chart. I was about to say this statistic was apple rubbish hehe.

  • GG002

    Apple: “Nobody wants Windows 8”
    Reality: The two latest iterations of OS X has a lower market share than Win 8.

  • cybersaurusrex

    I wonder what percentage of those Windows 8.x PCs are tablets, hybrids & convertibles.

  • S_A_R_K_I_S

    Why spend thousands when you can spend hundreds, that’s why the mac never took off, plus hardly anything is made for the platform….PC rules and haters can hate figures speak louder than words