Windows 9 Build 6.4.9788 Spotted In Windows Store Logs

Windows 9 Build

We all know that Microsoft is planning for a major Windows update in 2015 codenamed ‘Threshold’. Today, Windows 9/Windows Threshold build 6.4.9788 was spotted in the Windows Store logs. This shows that Microsoft has already started testing Windows 9 in some form to run Window Store apps.

We reported about a rumor last month in which there is a possibility that Microsoft might offer a special edition Windows targeted towards enterprise that will allow users to disable Start screen completely. Also, depending upon the device in which Windows is installed, the Start screen/Start menu option will vary. For example, desktop users can completely avoid Start screen with the help of the upcoming Start Menu which will include Live Tiles and windowing of Modern UI apps.

Recently, Winsupersite reported that our understanding on this feature is wrong. The new Start Screen will actually replace Start Screen and it is not an option which users can disable. You will be able to maximize the Start menu so that it takes up the whole screen and looks and works much like the Start screen which we enjoy on Windows 8/8.1 today. And depending upon the device, the device will boot to either minimized Start menu or full screen Start menu experience.

Source: @stealth2013

  • Batman

    Meh… you will pop a boner when its fully revealed to you !

  • Christian

    wouldn’t it become too premature to be called windows 9? imo, these features are rather fixes for the limitations of windows 8. they are not enough to be called the “next” windows. i guess windows 8.1 update 2 or windows 8.2 or maybe even windows 8.5 would sound better.


      you’re wrong, there will be a different UI and UX

      • Christian

        wrong? are you working at microsoft to tell today who’s right and wrong? i feel so low class, arguing with a person who’s not even bearing a proper face and name.

  • Pieter Beukelman

    hahaha Christian why would they even consider to call it windows 8.5. we all know they want to get rid of the 8. and as you can see now they didn’t call it 8.5 and even not 9 but 10 so funny.