Windows Build 9788 Screenshot Leaked On The Web

Windows 9 Build 9788

We all know that Microsoft is planning for a major Windows update in 2015 codenamed ‘Threshold’. Last week, Windows 9/Windows Threshold build 6.4.9788 was spotted in the Windows Store logs. This revealed us that Microsoft has already started testing Windows 9 in some form to run Window Store apps. Today, a screenshot of the build 9788 was leaked online which hints us that this Windows Build is already in the hands of the general public. Soon, we will know concrete info about whether this is a Windows 9 or Windows 8.1 Update 2 build.

We reported about a rumor last month in which there is a possibility that Microsoft might offer a special edition Windows targeted towards enterprise that will allow users to disable Start screen completely. Also, depending upon the device in which Windows is installed, the Start screen/Start menu option will vary. For example, desktop users can completely avoid Start screen with the help of the upcoming Start Menu which will include Live Tiles and windowing of Modern UI apps.

via: Centrum Windows, Neowin

  • Joe_HTH

    It doesn’t look any different.

  • Craig Osborne

    Yep, continues to look like Windows.

    • DonVuta

      Were you expecting it to look like a Mac? :)

  • 12Danny123

    Note guys, this is a alpha build, So don’t expect UI changes yet

  • David

    WOW what a huge differences, NOT! Posting this as a news is plain stupid!

  • Tips_y

    I’m glad W9 continues to look like W8/8.1.
    Although I loved W7, but I now love W8 more. I would have been sorely disappointed had they gone back to the looks of W7 which, after getting used to W8/8.1, looks dated to me now.

  • Asgard

    It clearly says “Windows 8.1 Pro” on the lower right corner.

    • Riccardo Robecchi

      Early Longhorn screenshots reported “Windows XP”, so that’s not surprising.

  • Razkull

    Things are finally coming together!

    Organization/customization is an end users number one priority, in the business world it’s a combination of both plus security and control.

    Microsoft, you should listen to the people. With the release of Windows 8 you messed everything up for modern folk..haha now your back tracking and incorporating baseline features back into the OS for customer demand.