Windows A Big Part Of Fox News’ New High Tech Studio

Fox News’ big primetime shake-up premiers today and during the last month they have spent building new studios.  One of their studios will be a high tech news room which will sift through a large volume of information coming from the internet, social media etc.  The studio is powered by Windows 7 & Windows 8.  Fox’s Shepard Smith gives a preview into the studio:


Source:  Fox Nation

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  • SategB

    I honestly thought this was a Saturday Night Live skit! This is so laughable it couldn’t be serious but sadly it is!

    Nothing like a 55 inch tablet to read 4 tweets @ a comfortable 360 font size


    • Yuan Taizong

      Yes, they are not really honouring Windows with their presentation (–_–)

      • WPhan

        And with Fox News viewers average age being over 65 is this really the image MSFT wants to project.

        • Guest

          Median != average. The viewership is reportedly median age 65. Meaning half fall below that and the other half above. And yes, since the audience likely skews very highly to senior business leaders, managers and owners – aka decision makers, it’s a desirable target.

          • WPhan

            If half are over 65 then these people are retired and no longer business decision makers and even if your right about the other half ( but I can not find any real stats to say you are) these things looking so silly is really bad

          • nohone

            Hey, there were people who thought up using those displays, put a lot of work into writing the software, and setting them up. And here you are saying it is silly? That is not being respectful and nice to others, in fact it is quite rude. You should really work on being much more touchy-feely with other people.

          • WPhan

            Another snarky reply – no surprise

          • nohone

            So you are attacking these hard working people just trying to put food on the table for their little children, I tell you how it is not nice, and you attack me for it? I think you need to learn a little respect for other people, because you are just being rude to me.

          • WPhan

            Snarky, again

          • Guest

            Not everyone over 65 is retired. Allan Mulally, for example, is 68. But way to avoid the point, which was your mistaken use of median to equal average and questioning the value of this particular audience. As far as me being right about the half below age 65, are you seriously debating that Fox skews republican and that senior business leaders, managers and business owners tend to support that party disproportionately over the democratic one? I think the set looks cool, although I wouldn’t want to be one of the people that close to such a large screen. But then it’s for the benefits of viewers, not the worker bees.

          • WPhan

            No my friend I am not avoiding the point I simply disagree with you that Fox News is not a good stage to promote and how they are doing it is silly but that’s is ok

            I guess me and my group is younger then the Fox demographics

        • nohone

          “And with Fox News viewers average age being over 65 is this really the image MSFT wants to project.”
          HEY! That is not nice! You can’t talk rudely about people like that, being ageist (can you show the data that says the average person is over 65?), making fun of older people, and implying that the older generations cannot handle techniology. You better watch out, or WPhan will be here to lecture you about snarky replies and being rude. Oh, wait, you are WPhan. I guess the rules you put out for others do not apply to you.

    • nohone

      Yes, they should use an 13 inch latop about 30 feet from the camera, with you sitting about 10 feet from your TV. That will be really easy to read.

      • WPhan

        Again a bitter snarky reply

        • nohone

          Aww, did I hurt somebody’s feelings and you need to stick up for them? Perhaps you should read the comments that SategB has written to me and others you would see why.

    • Guest

      Is this an example of you “wisely prescribing a path to get real value out of the company”? Because it sounds like just another complaint. How exactly is greater visibility of MS’s technology on this program not good for MS?

      • SategB

        When your trying to communicate a quality value position being tied in with an program that is highly polarizing and often dubious offering communicates a unwanted message.

        Brand positioning is a sensitive matter that is obviously above your ability to grasp fully. This is the difference between a intelligent supporter and someone like you, immature fanboy.

        • Guest

          That would be your subjective opinion, for which you’ve provided zero independent support. Can you point to studies showing brand exposure on Fox leads to adverse consequences? Because it seems virtually all major brands actually pay money to advertise there currently.
          Your condescending arrogance isn’t a replacement for the logical inconsistencies in your argument. Nor does resorting to ad hominem attacks define you as someone who is intelligent or mature.

          • Bugbog


  • redtidal

    A good news for Microsoft.

    But I just couldn’t give too much damn about Fox News.

    Let’s correct that. Distinction: Some part of its news reporting is actually good, timely and clear (unlike CNN). But can’t stand the opinion pundits. The later part is ruining this great country.

  • GG002

    It’s awesome how nobody on other sites are mentioning the fact that these are WINDOWS 8 machines! Doing rapid, on-the-fly journalism on actually useful machines are completely neglected. Try that with your iMac.

    • Bugbog

      I’d like to see them use 55″ Mac touch-stations…, oh yes, that’s right, Apple doesn’t believe in touch for their Mac O.S!

  • Pookiewood

    New found respect for Fox News that wont last long! Hell I’ll probably tune in tonight just so I can hate them again. 😉 (I like Shep BTW)

  • José Villaró

    Frack, I hate Fox News, but yey for MS i guess i’m confused

  • FateStayNight

    startrek bridge with windows 8 workstations NOW!!! I want it NOW! :)

  • Avatar Roku

    That magic wand is cool, but MS needs to upgrade him to a new Kinect at some point.

    • Bugbog

      Kinect is cool, but as with any control centre (be it Nasa, or Grand Prix), manual control is king! Hence the ‘wand’

  • Viktor

    I want to see some of them using onscreen keyboards :)

    • James

      They probably won’t use on-screen keyboards because they have physical keyboards just below the monitor. Of course it would be funny if they used on-screen keyboards, unless there is a way to scale them down based on the monitor size.

  • SpicyMikey

    Maybe Fox will update their W8 news app now :)

  • uncle_joe

    There you go! Windows 8. A more appropriate User interface for touch screens. You get things done using Windows 8. Some people need to recognise!!

  • reKitab

    MSFOX, period…

  • Deng betty

    That really drives the news media into a new time! People would get used to the touch screen broadcast in the daily time. Without any doubt, touch screen would be wildly used in the conference room, class room, studio room and etc…

  • Bering

    The arm strain and eye/head shifting to see everything on those giant screens when they’re sitting within a foot of it makes me want to punch somebody who thought this up.

    Not to mention how horribly they’re utilizing the amount of screen real-estate on those, they can view the same amount of information on those as a device with a 4″ screen.