Windows Blue Build 8.1.9374 Shown On Video

  • Willem Evenhuis

    Nice video. Good to see more tweaking options. I still think the small tiles is a major step in the wrong direction. I understand it is for the roadmap for the upcoming 7 inch tablets. But then why, why is there also a quick apps menu with one swipe?These tiles are the same size as the small tiles!!! What the starts teen needs more of is BIGGER tiles. Make it an option fir the bigger tile, like the the desktop icon. Why is it only limited to this one??? I would rather want a smaller tile for this “App”. I hope Microsoft is considering bigger tiles for other apps as well. Think of how much more info that can be put on that! Small tiles is not necessary for the windows 8 startscreen. It only adds to the clutter (…which is not functional on the windows 8 starts teen).

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      1. you dont have to use small tiles if you dont want, just like Windows Phone.

      2. the big tiles is only in desktop one becasue all the apps are old. the core apps are old that obviously they wont support a tile that you havent written code for. and you cant update the apps because there is no store available since its a leak. so obviously there wont be bigger tiles for apps that dont have that option, and then developers have to add it.

      but again, you dont have to use small tiles… none is forcing you. it would work for apps you want to pin, and you dont use or dont have a real, important notification to care about. (like remote desktop for example, or camera App.)

      • Willem Evenhuis

        Yes, that’s true, it’s an option. An option in theory nice, but I think this option is redundant. In real life perhaps some people will use us, but generally eventually it will become a nuisance. Small tiles are already available in the app menu for one. Secondly it will become impractical in daily life as it is more difficult to touch a small tile. Windows 8 will generally have larger screens compared to windows phone. It would be more practical to provide larger tiles, like the desktop app. I believe this should be available for all apps. The arguments for this is that its more end user friendly, fits the W8 UI better, and generally more information can be presented readable because there is more room for developers to put things there. You’re argument about issues with old apps (please clarify what you mean by old apps) is not a problem for microsoft. It should be coded easily (after all just look at the new larger desktop tile… Which was once also an old app….)Its up to the developers to utilize this great feature (which I greatly applaud).
        What makes the current startscreen one of the best UIs to me is a less cluttery experience. I think the smaller tile option will be misleading to the consumer in the longterm. I think the lager tile will do the UI more pride to its usability and clean feel. For smaller tiles I would almost think, dare I even say it, buy an Android or Apple device.

        • Emi Cyberschreiber

          but that’s the thing. I don’t like much small tiles myself, I never used many in windows phone. but its an app like setting tile, I don’t need a big tile for that. so I can make small tiles and it wouldn’t look so bad.

          and about the core apps, they don’t take advantage of the big size tile because they are just old versions of the apps, well im not sure about this in this build but im sure it hasn’t changed, but when I tried the last leaked build, or some leak (since they seem to appear everyday lol) they were the core apps from RTM 9200. that’s why I call them “old” because even though I don’t think the new versions of the core apps support big tile yet. the version of the apps that came with 9200, are 5 months old, so no way they could take advantage of something that was in the works months ago.

          in the end the more the customization the better. small or big tiles. I don’t think people will stop complaining, and stop being close minded about the new UI. but it will be better for people who like Win8. I tried the small tiles and they didn’t feel to bad.

          • Willem Evenhuis

            Is it me or is too easy to think that core apps can’t be fixed with some update code so they can be used to make bigger tiles. Offcourse it has to do with the availability in the api fir developers. But that’s why I’m trying to explain to just add a biy of code to get this this option fixed, right? I mean even the first version of windows phone didn’t have resuzable tiles in the beginning. Windows 8 and windows phone 8 should have the same kernel. So why all if a sudden a bigger tile for the desktop app in windows 8. This is not even available for windows phone! I’m thinking MS must has simply added some saved code in an update for this beta. Then it certainly is not difficult to add a larger tile option for all apps in windows 8, thar developpers can also choose to utilize. This would be great, amongst others, for the weather apps! There must certainly be a lot more other changes people would like to see, some small, some big. I would like to think that my suggestion for larger tile option for ALL apps, was as easy as pasting some code and then updating the beta distribution to developers for testing. Not difficult, right?

        • Rico Alexander

          You don’t seem to understand. Old apps can’t be updated to use any tile options e.g. larger tiles until the new app api is released to devs. This is beta software.

          • Willem Evenhuis

            Exactly why I’m calling out for the 8.1 update devolopers to add the larger tile option in the next api. I noticed since windows 7 that if you don’t mention an idea often enough it in’t make it to RTM. So here is my shout out to windows! Please?