Windows Blue Build 9364 Shown On Video, IE11 With Synced Tabs, Improved UX And More

Another video,

An early build of upcoming update for Windows 8/RT codenamed Windows Blue got leaked online today. The build revealed no.of improvements and new features that will be part of this upcoming update.

Following new features are spotted in the leaked build,

  • Internet Explorer 11 with synced tabs
  • New personalization features such as choosing from various accent colors
  • Ability to move group of Live Tiles together
  • Improved PC Settings Page with search and recently/most used settings
  • SkyDrive is now part of PC Settings page where you can manage device backup, etc,.
  • Ability to automatically upload Pictures and videos to SkyDrive based on quality.
  • New apps – Movie Moments, Calculator, Alarm and Voice Recorder
  • Improved Multitasking – New side-by-side snapping of upto 3 apps
  • New Live Tile sizes – Small, Large, etc,.
  • Ability to share your Start screen screenshot through share charm.

We will update the list as it gets revealed.

via: Windowsmania


  • Smity Smiter

    title should be IE11 I believe.

    • Breakingillusions

      true windows blue will come with IE11

  • Aritos

    All I want is better desktop use for “modern ui” I’m using start is back because I’m tired of how badly its all integrated on regular desktops. the OS is fast, very fast. especially since I have an SSD and Windows 8 takes advantage of that. I used to be a fan of the UI, but after going back to 7 I realized how much easier it is to just stay on the desktop. :s

    • davepermen

      except once you start to use a tablet device that you plug in as your desktop at home, and start to use metro apps more and more. suddenly, the desktop doesn’t really matter much, anymore. and then the modern ui makes perfect sense. i like the improvements i see there.

      • Ocelotty1

        My Eureka moment with Win 8 came when I connected My Surface Pro to my 47″ LG ,, loaded FONV, attached a Bluetooth Mouse & Keyboard & installed Pin Steam – Voila impromptu big screen gaming device which doesn’t need Steams Big Screen to function; small form factor gaming. with acceptable frame rates & graphics. It isn’t going to replace my gaming rig but is a great extension.

  • jack frost

    I like what I see so far.

  • GetEdumated

    What is this “files app” referred to in the settings? A Modern UI explorer?

  • Willem Evenhuis

    okay, so nice bibs and bobs and still no clue as to the advantages of having IE11 in blue. Not the most interesting aspects demoed here. Where is the demo of the native app improvements and improved battery life. That’s news and exiting!

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      its a M1 leaked version, its not a full beta release…. and you expect improved battery life? they already shown how memory usage is going down again…
      also native core apps… will be updated without the need of blue… and there have been rumors they alll will be updated soon, probably next month.
      so obviously still features and final stuff is far from ready, like IE11, but its not an oficial release so MS wont talk about improvements or anything like that.
      wait some months and you will get your info. but if you expect it to have it now, its imposible.

      • Willem Evenhuis

        No, not waiting for a quick update. However am in the mood of wishful thinking that the content of Blue entailed more than what is shown in the first leak. Actually a bit disappointed to see what blue is most plausibly going to be. Leaks have never been really far off to the RTM.

        • Bugbog

          I think the most obvious usage of Blue will be for smaller screens! (As seen by the tiles going smaller)

  • ahnel

    windows blues is the starting stage. they are starting to unify windows 8 and windows phone 8 maybe windows 9 will be use on all screen sizes as shown on the small sizes of tiles

  • tomakali

    wish, windows blue brings real windows 8+ to mobiles
    with the same control panel, multi user logins, all super privileges of WINDOWS.
    i envy samsung’s split screen. with windows blue. i can LOL any OS makers on this planet