Windows Blue Update Coming To PCs, Tablets And Servers


Yesterday, Windows Blue, the upcoming update for Windows 8 got leaked online. The build revealed no.of improvements and new features that will be part of this upcoming update. According to information revealed by MSFTKitchen, the Windows Blue update is coming to PCs, Tablets and Servers as well.

  • Windows Blue (Client)
  • Windows Server Blue
  • Windows RT Blue

Following new features are spotted in the leaked build,

  • Internet Explorer 11 with synced tabs
  • New personalization features such as choosing from various accent colors
  • Ability to move group of Live Tiles together
  • Improved PC Settings Page with search and recently/most used settings
  • SkyDrive is now part of PC Settings page where you can manage device backup, etc,.
  • Ability to automatically upload Pictures and videos to SkyDrive based on quality.
  • New apps – Movie Moments, Calculator, Alarm and Voice Recorder
  • Improved Multitasking – New side-by-side snapping of upto 3 apps
  • New Live Tile sizes – Small, Large, etc,.
  • Ability to share your Start screen screenshot through share charm.

Read more about the leaked build in the link below.

via: MSFT Kitchen

  • Pankaj Gupta


    • surilamin

      Most people are speculating around October.

  • Ben A

    you forgot about windows phone. it might not show up on that leak log. but it exist, but right now its in development. so its for PCs, tablets, servers, windows phone and others etc.
    windows phone blue. windows blue for phones too.

    • surilamin

      Windows Phone Blue is on a slightly different schedule for this release. Microsoft is hoping to align more closely for the next release.

      • Ben A

        yes but the windows phone blue will be in the similar release frame, around Q4 after windows blue for pcs and tablets comes out, this will align closely with this release.

  • Manolopoulos Apostolos

    windows phone blue support current smartphones? if not Goodbye Microsoft. (i have Lumia 920).

    • Ben A

      windows phone blue will support all windows phone 8. ok stop worrying like a bitch