Windows Blue version of Fresh Paint app demoed


The Windows Blue update to Windows 8 is expected some time in the middle to the end of this year, and Stephen Chapman from MSFTkitchen has managed to dig up this video presentation of an updated version of the Fresh Paint app built for the OS.

New in this version is the interaction of watercolor with other medias (oil, pencil, etc.), wet or dry and the the ability to import an image from anywhere, then transpose it to a watercolor painting you can interact with.

In the video chief technical strategy officer, Eric Rudder says:

"We’re really excited to work, now that the next version of Windows is coming, to make sure that we extend touch in even more dramatic fashion.If you look at a company like HP now that’s kind of struggling and cut their R&D budget, I think they may have wished there’s some stuff in the factory they could drop on and sort of renew themselves."

Hopefully the statement hints towards dramatic improvements coming to Windows 8 which will revive consumer excitement for the OS, which is somewhat stumbling out of the gate.

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  • LPHeadstrong

    That looks awesome.

  • Sergio

    This is incredible. They should demo these thing more publicly! FreshPain makes for a really great demo!
    Also, I can’t believe she actually said the word Blue! :O

    • Bugbog

      Absolutely! I’d seen (and have) Fresh Paint, but never realised it was this good?!

      Looks like the ‘Blue’ update will only make it more fantastic!

      • Sergio

        Exactly! It just makes you want to paint. 😉

  • Ryan T

    What about this demo makes is specific to Windows Blue?

  • donzebe

    Microsoft should publicly demo these nice apps. Many people done use it because no one knows how great it is.