Windows File Manager For Modern UI Revealed In Leaked Blue Build

Windows 8 Modern File manager

Windows Modern Ui File Manager

As part of the upcoming Windows Blue update, Microsoft is working on a Modern UI version of File Manager. Windows File Manager is one of the most used desktop app to date and Microsoft is working to port it to Modern UI. The File Manager is touch friendly, with options for SkyDrive files offline access. It also lets you perform basic file operations such as rename, create folder, delete, etc, through App Bar in the bottom.

via: MDL, @Angelwzr

  • arrow2010

    Looks like the work of a team of amateur weekend coders. Windows is an ongoing disaster of epic proportions.

    Consumers – Goodbye Windows. Hello Mac, Hello IPad.

    • arc2011

      Hello, TROLL

    • Joe_HTH

      You are delusional as hell, and it’s absolutely obvious you’ve never used Windows. Just another worthless troll who should be kicked in the face.

    • zephnath

      arrow2010 is just jeolous that the iPad doesn’t have a file manager, and that finder is a peace of garbage that takes forever long to perform a task that you could do in seconds within Windows File Explorer…

    • robertwade

      You are an example of why cousins should never marry.

  • Opio Christian Daniel

    Great!!! Slowly we are moving away from the Desktop, and the future of computing is slowly but surely on a different level. It begins to make sense why the start button was removed. I love the concept of Modern(Metro) based Computing.

    • Kevin Joel

      I feel the same way, it was insulting to have had the old desktop bundled in with the precious modern UI.

  • bricko

    If we cant drag and drop to other folders or drives and see ALL folders and drives…its useless…..

    • sumedh

      one thing at a time..

    • Kevin Joel

      Calm down, it will be possible.

  • frankwick

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but so many of the features look like Windows 2.0. The File manager is one example. Non overlapping Windows is another. Will version give us some of the features we saw in Windows 3.0 like drag and drop file management and overlapping windows?

    • bricko

      luckily they are being forced to bring back the Start button and then add back in the boot directly to desktop in 8.1 updates. Then the Metro Hello Kitty interface will die out from lack of use. No one in the corporate world will have any of it. Totally useless.

      • frankwick

        Regardless of my comment above, I love the new UI on a touch screen. It is really a cool and fun way to work. As much as I love it, I also HATE IT with a mouse and keyboard. That’s why we need a start button and menu, but I am not convinced 8.1 will bring it. There are now talks that the start button rumor from this week is really a kiosk mode. I guess we’ll know for sure when Build 2013 gets here.

  • Fapfapfapfapfap

    It’s bad. I feel sad. I like the way MS is doing with their new design in general, but this shows 2 things:

    1) to actually DO anything (create new folder, etc), you’ll still be able to right-click, BUT you’ll have to navigate with the mouse all the way down to the whatever-bar. In the “classic” desktop mode, the right-click windows appears right next to ya mouse. It’s a little small, yes, but while using the mouse + hands on keyboard, it’s faster.

    2) APPS shouldn’t equal to LESS OPTIONS/FUNCTIONS. Biggest mistake MS is doing right there. If you have about 5-6 circle icons, you can’t do the same things as with 3-4 tabs with more than 10 options in each (like the overhauled explorer). Gotta include tabs, an option for a more graphical 3-d like icon set AND add something very useful: displaying multiple paths in one window.