Windows Live Essentials Inspired By Metro Design

This is a repost from my personal blog. Just thought many readers may be interested to see how Windows applications will look if it was designed under Metro Design after the recent Office 15 image leaks. The images posted under are just concepts.

Microsoft recently announced their final version of Windows Live Essentials 2011. There were no significant changes apart from Photo Gallery Navigation bar, Windows Live Sync renamed into Windows Live Mesh. All the applications of the suite have been Ribbonised. How about Metro Inspired theme for Windows Live Essentials? MML has posted few concepts found on Deviant Art. They are simply Awesome. Take a look at these..







WL Photo Gallery Quickview


The man who made all these.Even his profile display is inspired by metro..


  • Pradeep

    Few images will not fit in the column. Hope you know why its like that.

  • Travis New

    See this is should be legit. It looks fantastic. Hopefully there is a new UI 2012 considering this is final in 2011.

  • wetworker


  • Martin D

    Why don’t you link back to the original creator instead of stealing his/her work for your personal blog?

    • Pradeep

      Hope you noticed that I’ve placed his profile too..see the last image.

    • pradeep

      Also all the images placed above are not hosted in my blog. They are from deviantart.

  • Marc Biebusch

    I want this now! Love the client for IRC!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful, a real shame that these aren’t official builds and not just mock-ups.

    Bravo to the creator.

  • DA

    awesome concepts. …

  • Edtorres

    New Office 365 is using metro

  • Thurgood

    It’s awesome. Totaly. In every way.
    It’d be so damn nice, if Windows would look so metro one day.

    Works perfect. Any possibilty we might see a Windows7-Metro-UI-Theme? Is there any option to put themes into Windows7? No, right? To bad.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing concepts!

  • Anonymous

    I like the ideas in these mockups. I tried to do the same thing with the Zune client myself:

    I like the “Focus” mockup at the top. The other ones illustrate where Metro could go wrong: it can be a little too text-heavy. I like the first screenshot since it still has icons and keeps the text to a minimum.

  • Mmmmmm

    This has ruined the next release for me – Microsoft couldnt fill these shoes.

  • Anonymous

    This would make me consider changing all of my domains to Hotmail servers for clean functionality with a seemingly entertaining, functional program…might make me forget about the lack of IMAP support in Hotmail.

    However, since this is only a “mock-up” then I conclude that if we do see this interface, it’ll be limited to Office ’15…

    (*please prove me wrong, MS*)

  • Anonymous

    mother of god!!

  • Agosto Nuñez

    Microsoft should hire this bloke and let him design the next wave of Windows Essentials.