Windows Live Hotmail Updated With New Features

We all know that Windows Live Wave 5 is under development, yet there is no word on its release date from Microsoft. From the past week, many new features are starting to appear for users around the globe. First is the updated header, which now has links only to Hotmail, Skydrive and Messenger, leaving out Photos. Second in Hotmail, there is a new options page with a feature to turn on preload messages for faster access. I tried it myself and found a noticable increase in speed of message display. Third in Hotmail, there is new option “Mark As” –> “My Friend Has Been Hacked” to notify Microsoft on hacked accounts. Nice updates right?

via: Liveside

  • Anonymous

    While your statement that photos has been left out of the header is accurate, it’s also a bit misleading as it hasn’t been taken out alltogether, its just been moved under Skydrive. I just wanted to clarify that for readers.

    I do think the updates are an improvement and it’s nice to see these changes come about before any changes were actually expected. So it really begs the question, are these really Wave 5 changes or just minor adjustments to Wave 4?

  • Johan Nilsson

    I like it!

  • Anonymous

    jessu christ. what is with that animated gif? i can’t see either image properly when they keep changing every half second.

    • Monkey D Black

      same damn thing i was thinking.

  • Guest

    Hit Esc on your keyboard. It will stop the animation. Then F5 to refresh and restart.

    • Yasir Alam

      never knew that, genius. :)

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    The changes look nice but I rarely use the web version anymore between the live mail app and my phone.  Still want to see them add 2 factor authentication like gmail.

  • Jimmy Fallon

    I noticed the Skydrive link first thing, why that took so  long is beyond me, but it dissapears when you click on it, they should keep it up there with the drop down options at all time. People aren’t dumb they just need all the info front and center, stop hiding stuff for gods sake.

    • Anonymous

      MS has been living with an agreement for the last ten years as a settlement from the anti-trust suit brought by Apple, Netscape, and a several other companies. The bottom line basically prohibited MS from integrating distinct and clearly separate services post 2001 together. This agreement expired May 12th of this year. Its good to actually see MS taking advantage of the freedom to innovate the way their competitors have.

  • Johny Tolengo

    Hey the “My friend’s been hacked” feature may be useful, but the location where it is placed cause a lot of people, including me, to think that their actual hotmail session was hacked. Is this guerrilla marketing to get noticed or just a snafoo. Anyway, looks like it deserves to be in a more discoverable place with less suspition potential.

  • smiles

    what the fk is (my friends been hacked) in hotmail

  • smiles

    what the fk is (my friends been hacked) in hotmail

  • Itzel_marlene

    I clicked on the link “My Friend Has Been Hacked” and I deleted an important message how do i undeleted or recovered it? please help!!