Windows Logo Posted On Upcoming Apple Store

A group of pranksters disguised themselves as construction workers on Saturday morning posted a Windows logo onto the facade of a upcoming Apple Store in Hamburg, Germany. PC Vs Mac at its height ? ? Watch the video below to see the action.


  • David V. Kimball

    lol. Yes!

  • noël villagrana

    yes yes yes!

  • SciencePro

    There is just too much #win here

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone say they love this! This is BiWinning!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing! A weldone construction job! 😉

  • zzz

    Meh, why would these guys tape themselves with faces shown? It’s more likely an unconventional PR stunt by Apple Germany.  Consider it confirmed if Apple doesn’t file charges against those two guys.

    • Matthew

      That’s not Apple’s style, and posting bills isn’t illegal, even when requested.

  • Lokatho

    The blue and green “window” are switched….

  • Anonymous

    For their next act, they will dual-boot install Windows 7 on all the Macs in the store.

  • Jai

    loll………. the logo is printed wrong!!!! that is NOT MICROSOFT LOGO!!!!!

  • Sam

    Haha great ! But Europe is waiting and waiting for an Microsoft Store but nothing happens ! 

  • Rick James Siegenthaler

    Great! Love it! But i need a Microsoft Store in Switzerland :(

  • Michael Ingmar Staib

    Great 😀