Windows Notebook Shipments Surpassed Those Of Tablets Once Again In The Post PC Era

Canalys PC shipment 2014

Ever since Steve Jobs coined the term Post PC era, it became the buzz word and many analysts claimed that tablets will dwarf the sales of notebooks in couple of years. We are in 2014 now, notebook shipments are still more than that of tablets. With 49.1 million units shipped in the quarter, notebook shipments surpassed those of tablets for the first time since Q3 2013. Shipments in North America and EMEA were up 13% and 8% year on year, helped by good growth in Western Europe and the US. Customers who have bought a tablet already are finding it unnecessary to upgrade their tablet because there is very little innovation happened in the space. On the notebook side, the growth is supported by improving economic conditions, end of Windows XP support, low cost touch screen devices and more.

‘A slowdown in the pace of innovation is creating an issue for tablet vendors. The tablet market has quickly found itself in the same position the notebook market was in some years ago, with minimal increases in hardware performance forming the basis for an argument to upgrade,’ said Canalys Senior Analyst Tim Coulling. ‘But when considering the most common tasks that tablets are asked to perform, the need for more horsepower is often not evident. Vendors will need to work harder to give reasons to upgrade if things are to improve in Q3. In addition, as smart phone screen sizes increase, the potential for such products to disrupt the market for 7″ tablets is also increasing.’

When you combine desktops, laptops and tablets, Apple remains the top OEM. But Lenovo comes in as a close second with less than a million devices as the difference. HP, Dell and Samsung are the other top 5 OEMs in the list.

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Source: Canalys

  • dicey

    Why be surprised … So many people and businesses run into productivity barriers with ipads and android tablets because they are developed like toys instead of serious devices. Microsoft does it right and has focused on productivity with Windows 8 from the start. While Win8 is far from perfect, it is still light years ahead of an ipad for anything more than the occasional game.

    • PoohGQ

      Let’s just hope Microsoft remains focused in that area to avoid the fad that was Windows Phone 7 & 8.

    • Bugbog

      More-so since the O.S. supports both productivity and leisure activities and usage, and, critically, they are the only ones that have actually innovated in the tablet space! [Surface Pro 3]

      It’s getting less and less possible for the detractors to continue to sneer at Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

      I predict 2015 will be the year of Windows/Windows Phone!

      • Guest

        Windows Phones are performing worse as we are concluding 2014, now even Motorola is performing better India. The sneers may continue.

        • Tips_y

          So when is a temporary setback in India considered the world /S

        • Danny

          its just a temporary setback. Micromax has still not entered any WP phones in Indian market.

    • LexicoRed

      This whole “Windows is more productive”. Misses the point. 100’s of millions if devices has been purchased not care how productive they can be but because they do enough to get the job done they are needed for. Millions of iPad and iPhone has been sold when only lately could a person get Office for them.

      Until Microsoft recognize the motivation for mobile adoption is not the desire to replicate the PC for “productivity” but to get a bit if work done, be creative and have fun Microsoft will not be successful in mobile, except for cross platform services and software, of course.

      • dicey

        You are missing the point. Hundreds of million of iOS and five to ten times as many Android devices were indeed purchased and in some cases that’s good; toys for at home, on the couch, that’s the place an ipad can take. But in the corporate world (especially the businesses I know of) they more often than not regret the decision to buy iOS devices due to the extreme limitations and costs and lower productivity of their employees that come along with the ipads. That’s not just the lack of a proper office suite but also the multitasking and the ability to integrate and be controlled on a corporate level. The lack of a proper useful keyboard, a larger screen or a way to magnify it. That also includes the insanity of Apples pricing and the limits on usability for more than just consuming information. Remember, when talking about businesses you’re often talking about producing as much as consuming information, hence you need a proper, useful platform for that. But there’s a lot more. When I want to send a presentation from my Windows 8 tablet to anything else, I just connect a basic, standardized HDMI cable to the thing and it’s done. If I want to connect a keyboard, or mouse or stream my desktop or video or presentation from my WP8.1 phone to a large LCD screen or beamer or other stuff, I can just do that right out of the box. iOS devices need a whole array of extra devices like converters, adapters, appleTV and all sorts of other nonsense.

        The ipad/tablet hype has been strong for a while, corporations and their managers wanted to look cool so they did the ipad/iphone thing, they basically fell for Apples stories and forgot to check the facts. Especially in the USA, but eventually people have learned that a tablet as simplistic and limited as an ipad can never take over the place of a proper laptop or Windows 8 tablet/convertible. You don’t just notice this at a corporate level though, also just at home. The ipad is fine for playing a game on your couch, but then you get this word document that needs editing or your child comes home and needs to do his or her homework. After trying that for a while on an ipad the frustration is pretty much present with a lot of users, especially when your child reaches some higher education and the demands on his/her device become a little more than just Googling and doodling. Let’s add to that that an ipad has issues playing the majority of video formats, music formats, image formats, and it requires rubbish like Itunes for input (thus a laptop or PC… Really, that just says it all right there, doesn’t it, tablets supposed to replace laptop? How’s that going with it’s Itunes requirement…) And here again, if you want to do more with it at home, like with your music, you need a whole array of extra devices and adapters again to make stuff work. Airplay and that nonsense come to mind. And there’s no way to extend functionality or run apps that aren’t accepted by the Apple appstore. That’s all stuff you don’t need with Windows devices, not at all. And this is just one of the many reasons the tablet market has stagnated globally and the notebook/laptop market has continued it’s growth.

        Why else do you think iOS7 and iOS8 started to copy so many features from Windows Phone and Windows 8. The multitasking coming in iOS8 is copied 1on1 from Windows 8 for a reason. Android copied it too from Windows 8. So are a HUGE portion of the security features and many other features required at a corporate level. Beyond that both iOS and Android are not very secure to begin with due to the many holes found almost every day, something still virtually absent on WP8 and quite well taken care of in Windows 8 due to many features like enhanced security and sandboxing for the browser. Stuff browsers like Firefox don’t have yet and won’t get for the foreseeable future.

        Microsoft is and will remain very strong in business to business markets because they understand those markets so damn well and they remain weak within the consumer market because they understand absolutely nothing about those. This is just how they work and how they always have worked. Their products are sufficient, their marketing isn’t.

        When it comes to business, in other words, making money; fun and creativity of a tablet isn’t quite what you’d call a priority. Most people would prefer to have their employees just doing their job instead of being creative and playing around with a fairly useless ipad. I mean the numbers here are pretty obvious. Apple has seen diminishing sales for close to a year now for both iphones and ipads, while Lenovo, HP and Dell that sell the majority of devices business to business see huge growth.

        (Yes my day was quiet, hence too much text, I am aware 😉

        • VHMP01

          Can we resume in a “Past iPads Era”…

  • cybersaurusrex

    Notebooks are more powerful and more useful.

    • LexicoRed

      It really depends on the use case it for which hit was purchased.

  • Bugbog

    No wonder Samsung’s profits are heading down; they are so busy chasing the ‘new’ golden rainbow (smartphones & tablets) that they have essentially given up on real computers!

    They’ve physically flooded their factories and retail channels with bucket loads of tablets [7-8-9-10-12, and all sizes in-between] that essentially have little-to-no differentiating features other than size! All the while ignoring the real tablet/laptop hybrid horizon (opened up by Windows 8) that others have really been innovating in this year.

    Just as well; plenty share for others that are willing :)

    • Topsey

      Samsung will do just fine as soon as Apple comes out with new products for them to copy. 😉

      • VHMP01

        Apple needs copy Steve Jobs ways of copying…

        “We have been ‘ShameLESS’ about stealing great ideas”. Jobs.

        Panorama + Folders = Android
        Notification Bar = Maemo
        The name “Apple” = The Beatles
        Slide to Unlock = Neonode N1m
        Mouse GUI = Xerox
        Reject calls with SMS = Symbian
        iMaps = Google Maps (Opps)
        Fingerprint sensor (Cracked) = PCs (Safe)
        Multitasking = webOS
        Copy/paste = WinMobile
        Ping = Facebook, Twitter
        iPad = Samsung´s Photoframe
        iPad Mini = Dell Streak
        iPod = Creative Technology and Walkman
        ‘iPhone’ the name = Linksys’ iPhone®
        ‘iOS’ the name = Cisco’s Internet OS (ios)
        Original iPhone = Samsung’s S700 Mp3 Player
        iPhone 4 & 4S = LG’s Prada
        iPhone 5c = Lumia 620
        Pinch to zoom = Samsung
        iMessage = BlackBerry Messenger
        iCloud = Dropbox + Onedrive
        iOS Minimalistic = Windows Phone.
        Smartphone Optical Stabilization = Nokia
        Siri (Clippy) = Xiaoi Bot + Nuance
        App Store = Ubuntu Software Center
        Multitouch Smartphone = Bought another company
        Bigger Screen smartphone = Everybody else
        MacBook Air = HP’s Sojourn
        Macsafe = Asian Crockery
        Thunderbolt = Intel
        OSX, iOS = Unix
        Newton = Psion Series 3, HP 95LX
        Apple Logo = Genesis 1:6, 3:6
        Aluminum = Cheapest Metal
        Plastic = ($$$ Reinforced Polymers)
        Security = Buy a new one…

    • Men’s Rights Groningen

      They did make an awesome 1 T.B. P.C. running Windows, but they are rare, here in the Netherlands or in the Philippines there are almost no places where you can purchase one, Samsung is making it hard on themselves…

  • Rikikrik

    Seems like productivity on tablets is still key to growth, something Microsoft realised better than Apple or Google. With the surge in new OEM’s in India and Asia producing cheaper Windows tablets and Microsoft strategy to stay focused on productivity, the competition is heating up between Microsoft, Google and Apple. And the winner will be the one who can cater to consumer and business demands (cost effective, productivity and entertainment) the best. Microsoft has the edge on productivity and it’s partners (Indian, Russians and Asians) are making Windows tablets cost effective. Entertainmentwise Windows tablets is also gaining ground. Apple has the edge on entertainment on the Ipad, but is fighting a losing battle on cost effectiveness and productivity. It’s recent cooperation makes a claim on productivity, but the future will tell if this will produce results. Google is cost effective and also has an edge on entertainment, but has a big problem with productivity on tablets.

  • Men’s Rights Groningen

    Steve Jobs didn’t coin the term, he popularized it, and Tablets ARE P.C.’s, according to Steve Jobs Macs marketed as ”desktops” aren’t P.C.’s, seriously, stop using the term, you’re only enabling those crapple fanboys ‘n girls, they don’t deserve it…

  • dave

    Increases in hardware performance will make little to no difference in tablet use, the blimp in PC/Notebook is part of the XP to Windows 7 upgrade cycle that is now pretty well over. almost everyone who wants a tablet has one, same with Phone,PC,TV.

    the tablet boom is over, just like every other boom in human history.