Windows OEMs Toshiba, Sony And Dell Comments On Windows 8 Sales

We have seen many reports regarding Windows 8 sales that PC OEMs were largely responsible for the poor Windows 8 device sales. Wired posted an interesting post where it got comments regarding Windows 8 sales from PC OEMs such as Toshiba, Dell and Sony. Generally they had low expectations for Windows 8 than Windows 7 because there are many more services and platforms, an underdeveloped supply chain for touch components and slow consumer education stemming to scattered branding and PR.

Sony product manager commented the following,

“The expectations of what we forecasted for — I don’t want to say we’re right on track — we’re probably close to being on track to where we predicted,” he said. “If I had to compare Windows Vista to Windows 7 versus Windows 7 to Windows 8, our sales numbers aren’t as high as from the Vista to Windows 7 era.”

Toshiba VP commented the following,

“We had a little bit different expectations for Windows 8 than previous OS launches,” Jeff Barney, VP and general manager of Toshiba America’s PC and TV business, said. “In the past Windows was the only game in town, when it was Windows 7 or Vista it was the big event of the year. These days it’s a different environment.”

Dell executive commented the following,

Neil Hand, Dell’s VP of global end user computing, says the transition to Windows 8 has gone as expected in both the consumer and commercial spaces. One area where Dell has seen stronger than expected demand is in touch devices, especially with its convertible XPS 12.

“The support and messaging from Microsoft around it is extremely strong,” he said. “Any big transition like this takes more than few weeks to take hold.”

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Source: Wired

  • scribbins

    With the exception of Dell, these guys deserve to fail. Also explains why the Lenovo Yoga is sold out of every Best Buy in a 50 mile radius of Boston.

    • arrow2010

      Yeah they sold out all 100 units.

      • Bugbog

        At least they supplied something. It looks like the other guys didn’t even bother!

        “Err..we don’t have any sales because we didn’t expect any real sales”


        • NegLewis

          Acer, Asus…have only 1 year warranty (here)…

          A 7″ Android 1.2GHz dual CPU tablet (plastic, IPS, ordered directly from a China Factory) is $60. 10″ is $90. !!! . 2 Years Warranty…

          If they could add Win 8 RT on… it should be $90+License.
          This is real the price for a tablet… $150 for a W8 RT…
          $200 for an Atom one… maybe less.

          What they are selling now? $500 for an ARM tablet (iOS, Android, W8 RT ) is a total fail.

          Only Acer and … maybe Asus … sells some good/cheap W8 tablets… RT/PRO

          • Bugbog

            Are you really comparing Windows 8 with Android?
            Whilst I, like other people, would definitely like to get cheaper products. I’m also old enough to know you only get what you pay for!
            So no. I definitely do not want a $100 – 200 device that is compromised. Or an O.S. that won’t be updated. (How many system updates have you received for your $90 tablet?).
            If that’s all you wish to pay, good luck to you.

          • NegLewis

            Since 2007 the entire world is spending less, earn less, pay less for even less.

            If you want to win you must sell. You can sell OR fashion (iOS) OR quantity (Android).

            MS Model must be something… new. Because 90% of the people have interacted already with Android or iOS. All your friends will rip you apart if you buy an WP or W8RT Tablet.

            I believe that MS already HAS a successful model: Stable OS (free+crack) + A bunch of cheap, good, beautiful, expensive ++ Laptops, Tablets, Desktops…

            I did nod see any cheap tablets – for average Joe… can you see one?

          • Bugbog

            I’ll respond with anecdotal evidence. I purchased my Surface within days of release. My sister purchased a $100 Android tablet soon after. It was DOA.
            Her statement? She wished she got a Surface.

          • NegLewis

            From where can I buy a Surface? I did not saw it in any Stores.
            Online… I could buy it … but 6000 miles for a warranty… it too much.

          • Bugbog

            Please! Now you’re just nit-picking! How exactly would you have actioned your “factory shipped” Chinese Android product?
            And just so you know, you get collection and return warranty on computer products.

          • GG002

            Don’t bother, can’t argue with people who think a ~$90 tablet beats a ~$500 one. They’re justifying their poor purchase they put so much effort into getting from a random unknown factory/brand. I’ve seen it before.

          • Psyllo

            not true at all im from belgium its not availble yet here so i ordered in france on wensday got it delevired on friday with the same warranty

          • Joe_HTH

            That must be why Apple is failing so miserably by selling expensive products.

      • Sven Hult

        That is so lame, so old a joke that it is not even the joke anymore, you are.

  • Bugbog

    What would have happened if we didn’t have the Surface?!

    • Ram

      Surface happened because Microsoft saw the OEMs are cheating on them. They are in fact impregnated by Google, while enjoying the beauty they got from Microsoft being the certified HAL agents. Microsoft should teach these OEMs who is the boss.

  • Windows 8

    So they will all fail, what do these stupid companies think about?
    Will android tablets and or closed system of apple where they don’t have a say improve their situation, or are their executives or boards so dumb that they are not looking at the future !!
    FAIL !!
    they all deserve to fail.

    • Bugbog

      I almost wanted to laugh out loud when I was reading it.

      “..when Vista & Win7 launched the market was less crowded”

      As opposed to what, now? Chrome? Linux? Android?

      Good Luck!

  • NegLewis

    Projections! They should have been doing some serious estimations about W8. Surveys.
    All infos from MS clearly shown that W8 was as W7 in terms of adoption…
    What are they expecting?

    How hard is to add a touch screen to a laptop?
    How hard is to create a convertible?

    They are expecting Android to save the OEM days? MAC? Linux? iOS…
    What’s wrong with that picture???

  • HelpTheITWorld

    Unfortunately there has been sooo much negative publicity for Windows 8. I must say from a personal point of view, when i read the first reviews of the RTM and the early versions, thought the world is coming to an End. It was like all tech pages hated Windows 8. Everyone was complaining, it seemed like the PC apocalypse! Then i decided to download the RTM myself and try it. And i love it! Its the best windows i have tried! Its fast, productive and stable. It has so many features, and i love the dual ecosystem idea. I am running it on my Dell Latitude 6400, and its simply amazing. And i use the system on a daily bases for scientific work, lots of dual screen work, data plotting, numeric calculations, some programming, CAD , TeX and various office and exotic research apps – productivity up and i never even thought about were the start button has gone. (coming from linux, i actually love to use the short cut keys, and the just start to type to start an app.)

    I have the feeling the negative publicity, especially from the higher ranks of the Tech community such as Steam and others have done great damage to initial sales.

    Further I have the feeling that most people, including tec reviews simply don’t get the idea behind windows 8! Everyone is stuck on details that actually increase productivity. Most of all i am sick hearing you can use the system without touch screen! IT WORKS PERFECT without touch! Of course touch gives it the edge, but IT ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT NEED IT! And i love dual monitor! It’s the best dual monitor support in the history of MS. And the great thing is for serious work- am on my desktop, for chill out browsing, and news reading i am on Windows UI! GET THE IDEA PEOPLE, you have the best of two worlds in one System, and they both work perfectly!

    Thanks to the new Apple and Android Eco system, MS bashing has become much much worse over the past years. Although i myself was often an MS basher (used to be a great Amiga Commodor fan, then Linux and then Windows), i know totally admire their products and Windows 8 eco system, gives me what i was waiting for since years! Tablet-PC-Phone! What more do you want! God sometimes i wish i could find some of these reviews and beat some sense into their heads! It seems they have no clue what they do. How can they have sooo little understanding for true tech-advances.

    I really hope windows 8 will do great, and the OEMs start to push out better and more innovative devices! Further i really hope MS gets its Hardware act together! The surface series needs a bit more choice! I want a docking station for my Pro, or the option to have more ram! and battery life time, people are willing to pay for such things! Talking about people willing to pay! No one complains about the 700€ you gotta pay for a retarded iPad 4 but the world comes to an halt when a full blown PC in the form factor of a Tablet costs 899€ ! There is one thing Steve Jobs did well, much better than all his innovations in tech business – how to get stupid people to buy over priced toys, and mobilize the masses towards thinking junk is the best thing they can have. Sometimes it scares me to see the effect on Apple products on people, it’s like my brother is part of a sect ever since he has an iphone and an ipad…

    SO DEAR WINDOWS OEMs get creative, i know you made white boxes for years, but its time to make fancier stuff, we are in a world were people need to be fancy and stylish so follow the trend make good products, and don’t forget the nerds like me, who want 8-16GB or ram, full HD a good GPU and 4G in their Surface Pro Tablet! And would dash out up to 2000€ for it!

  • freeiam

    This is the end of Windows

    • HelpTheITWorld

      On what bases do you say that? I do agree that Tech-cycles could mean the end of an ear for one company and the rise of another! But MS has produced one of its best products to-date with a great idea behind it, melting Eco-systems and retaining productivity. If OEMs start making innovative Hardware that appeals to the masses, there is no reason for Win8 to fail! AND IF SOMEONE WOULD STOP THESE HORRIBLE – SUBJECTIVE reviews.

  • Joe_HTH

    Windows 8 is selling just fine. Windows 8 devices on the other hand, you can blame the OEMs for that one.

    • symbolset

      That must by why Surface RT isn’t selling. Except for, uh… never mind.

  • donzebe

    I am not surprise with the comment from Sony and Toshiba as their favor has been android and they have been hoping anything windows fail. I feel sorry for Sonny as they use to be at the top of the game but have decided to go with free OS for their durable hardware.