Windows Phone Mango Update Detail Emerges

Lots of information regarding Windows Phone Mango update got released today.

1) Updated “Where’s my phone update?” :

Microsoft updated the “Where’s my phone update” page for both US ans International customers. The list which contains the current phase of the update on a particular carrier has been updated.

2) Windows Phone Web Based Marketplace Launched:

This will enable customers to shop, share and buy/download apps and games from any PC and send them directly to their phones.

3) Updated My Phone Service and Scrapbook:


Along with the web based marketplace, Microsoft has also updated the MyPhone/Windows Phone Live webpage. My Phone page now allows you to access your SkyDrive phones, documents, customize Xbox Live avatars, etc. Scrapbook allows you to explore your check-ins and photos on Bing Maps interface.

4) AT&T and Sprint’s Windows Phone Mango Support pages goes live:

Both the network has made their support pages for Windows Phone Mango Live. Both of them lists the Windows Phone Mango features and the instructions to update the phone.

The day is not over yet. I’ll update the post once we get more information.

  • Disappointed again

    It really sucks that AT&T isn’t upgrading their flagship Windows phone, the HTC HD7S.  Come on AT&T and Microsoft, quit screwing your customers around.