Windows RT 8.1 RTM Build Leaked Online, You Can Download It On Your Surface RT

For the first time ever, a Windows RT build has leaked online. This is the upcoming Windows 8.1 RTM build, 6.3.9600.16384.WINBLUE. Microsoft has already made an announcement that they are rolling out Windows 8.1 to both ARM and x86/x64 PCs in October. If you are so eager to try it out before that, you can download it from torrent sites. As expected, this build comes with Office 2013 pre-installed which will also include new Outlook 2013 RT.

But as always, there is a risk associated with it. So, do at your own risk!

Windows RT 8.1 Build details:

RELEASE DATE: 08/21/2013
BUILD: 6.3.9600.16384.WINBLUE_RTM.130821-1623
OFFICE 2013 RT BUILD: 15.0.4505.1015
FILE: 9600.16384.130821-1623_WOAFRE_ClientRT_O15_EN-US-IRM_CCSA_DV5.ISO
SIZE: 2,611,933,184 byte
SHA-1: F2683FA0240EF928A846C69A5016AD5BC9CE21D6
MD5: 20FF7884B78470D2322BB43BBA875635

Surface RT Driver details:

SIZE: 12,230,873 byte
MD5: A000FB5083C82281B8848A7E7622BAD0
SHA1: 9639D5A75D6F48D8CDE2A5BDED334FFD706A8F86

The language packs for both Windows RT 8.1 and Office 2013 also got leaked. You can find download links in the source link below.

Source: MDL


  • DigTheNoise

    So tempting….

    • Yuan Taizong

      I know, it’s almost impossible to wait (>_<)

  • Avatar Roku

    Why do we have to wait for RT? All the millions of RT devices that need drivers? Throw a bone to RT users.

    • arrow2010

      All the 20 people who proudly own RT devices!

  • francis

    where is the link??

    • zephnath

      the link is the magnet:?xt=urn:btih:48D55E2DCBDA7E1D251C4325EC9DC0ABAC59F48A
      you have to use it in a torrent client

  • francis

    Microsoft shut got it off the web, cant find download links…..

  • zephnath

    Does anybody have the generic keys for RT 8.1? They were on mdl, but they appear to be having some problems with their forum. Anybody grab those by chance?

    • Mark

      I have the same question. When I launch setup.exe on my Surface RT, I always get stuck at the product key window.

  • Heimen Stoffels

    I tried it but setup.exe keeps complaining about wdscore.dll not being made for this version of Windows. Booting from USB also doesn’t work. Damn! :(