Windows RT 8.1 Update Temporarily Removed From Windows Store

Windows 8.1 Startscreen

Microsoft has removed Windows RT 8.1 update from Windows Store temporarily. There seems to be some issues affecting users while they updating their devices. Microsoft is aware of the issue and already investigating it.

Microsoft is investigating a situation affecting a limited number of users updating their Windows RT devices to Windows RT 8.1,”

“As a result, we have temporarily removed the Windows RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store.  We are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and apologize for any inconvenience.  We will provide updates as they become available.”

Expect the update back in store soon! I myself updated my Surface RT and the update process for smooth and now, I’m enjoying the Windows 8.1.

  • Bugbog

    My update went smoothly too. Funnily enough though, the update information provided for RT devices this time is somewhat lacking, compared to when the Preview was provided earlier in the year.

    Then we were informed that we required 10GB of free space before we should attempt the update. this time, nothing!

  • kalval

    Updated smoothly here. The only annoyance I noticed was that it leaves a great big ‘windows.old’ folder on your hard drive. That can take up a fair amount of space on a 32gb surface. It’s also requires relatively advanced knowledge of how the file security and ownership can be modified in windows in order to actually delete the files.

    I suspect my windows.old was a lot larger than the average users’ because I was migrating from 8.1 preview, so none of my apps carried over and it kept backups of all of them (over 10gb worth) in the windows.old folder. This folder was much smaller on my desktop pc which went straight from 8.0 to 8.1 and carried all apps over. Still, it would be nice if the update process would remove any unwanted files, no matter how big or small, from our precious 32/64gb of storage once the update is successful.

    • kalval

      I’ve discovered an easier way to remove those files through the disk clean up utility. Still not something the average user will find though.

  • tropolite

    I had RT Preview on my Surface, and things didn’t go too well for me.

    There was some help out there but what I had to do was change my primary language back to English US (in in Oz), update to the latest firmware (20 updates), Recover and Remove Everything (after this it was a fresh install of the RT Preview), update (60 updates), restart. (The Store would hang on the first attempt to open up until a second restart).
    Go to IE on the Desktop. in the address bar at the top enter
    ms-Windows-Store:WindowsUpgrade and I was able to see and get to the Windows RT 8.1 update. Click install. The actual install after it downloaded when fine.

    I tried half dozen times before that but there was no way I could get to the 8.1 RT download in the Store until I did all the above.
    My Surface Pro and Desktop went butter smooth.

  • Walter_Cruz

    My update brings some annoying problems. Home button stop working, so to return to the home screen I just had the button Start using the charm menu. Touch cover also stop working. I am right now returning to version 8 and then update again to 8.1.

  • ron

    I updated 10 rt’s, one pro and 5 desktops, all went smooth, download took a long time but with the whole world downloading that is easy to forgive right?

  • free

    If you bought an RT you almost deserve to be bricked.

    Wonder if Microsoft will replace, they clearly have plenty of these in stock since.they struggled to give the away.

    • areunuts

      you stupid asshole, RT is better then crapple and droid junk

      • free

        Really not even Microsoft believe that.RT is without doubt an abject failure.

        • nohone

          Google has taken a $2.35 billion write down on their purchase of Motorola, their very own mobile device manufacturer for a total of $16+ billion in losses. Apple wrote down billions when they dropped the price of the original iPhone. Let me guess, those were good things for those companies. But Microsoft doing a write down, it proves Microsoft is a “failure”

          • SategB

            nohone can you supply a link that documents Aplle took a write down on first gen iPhone?

            You seem to be a pretty big follower of Apple and I am having a hard time finding specific information that says the price drop lead to a write down. I’m sure you know unless the discount reflects negative margins overall a write down is not the vehicle to use so it would be wrong to say they did.

          • free

            lol, write downs don’t always make anything a failure though what makes the Surface RT an abject failure is it failed to get consumers to switch to it from the iPad. Microsoft have failed to adapt to a consumer based market place and have been left with the massive job of overcoming a terrible first impression.

  • SategB

    Good MSFT recognized the problem, it good to minimize the amount of users effected specially when one recognize the number of Surface RT owners there are out there!

    • free

      100%. Every company is going to have problems even make mistakes. How it responds is key for me.

      Good points.
      recognised the issue early & disabled the update.

      Wait & See.
      How long it takes to get this update to SurfaceRT owners still on 8.
      What they do & how quickly they do it for bricked RT owners.

  • kenan3cn

    I updated my desktop and it bricked. Don’t know what went wrong. Can’t even enter repair mode. Searched the internet and turns out I’m not the only one. Now waiting for technician to come and fix my computer. Well done Microsoft.

    • kenan3

      You have an Windows RT Desktop? Shows how ignorant you are.