Windows RT-based Lenovo Yoga 11 now on sale

Lenovo has quietly put the Ideapad Yoga 11 available for sale on their website, with a 32GB going for $679 and a 64GB for $759. This comes a few short days from their initial announced availability of December, making the launch of it early.

Pricing on the Yoga 11 is a little steep considering the specs are very similar to other Windows RT-based tablets such as the Surface, Asus Vivo Tab and Samsung Ativ Tab. All have Nvidia Tegra 3 processors and 2GB of RAM, though the Yoga does have the biggest screen of the four (11.6 inches), as well as the only one with a full-size HDMI port and SD card slot. Time will only tell whether that will be enough to differentiate it from the other devices and justify the premium price, though you could always get its higher-specced Yoga 13 sibling (just not in orange).

  • GG002

    Umm… no.

  • blackhawk556

    how does the performance of a quad core tegra compare to Intel processors? I know they run on different OSes but I’m wondering if well see huge performance once Surface pro comes out. Yes, battery life is different, I know.

    • Ryan T

      Compared to the current Core i3/i5/i7 processors, its no match. However, the new Atom Clovertrail ULV processors might have similar to better performance without the compromises of RT. I havent had any hands on experience with those though.

  • jack frost

    Saw it at best buy yesterday not sure I like it.