Windows RT Easy jailbreak tool released

We wrote only a few days ago about a complicated Windows RT jailbreak which allows unsigned ARM apps to be run on Windows RT.

Now the jailbreak has been simplified and automated, allowing anyone to jailbreak their Windows RT tablet and install a number of ARM apps such as VNC or Putty.

If this jailbreak persists for a few months one can imagine the library of ARM apps will greatly increase, of course also increasing the value of hack.

The hack does not persist across reboots, but that is really the only complication which will stop the general Surface community from using it.

Read more about the hack and download it from XDA-Developers here.


  • GG002

    Hehey, now I have 7-zip on my Surface! Not that I know why I need it, since W8 has built in (un)zip, but it’s nice to see that the exploit works.

  • blackhawk556

    What good apps will I be missing out of if I decide not to do this??

  • Fahd Riyami

    I don’t see where the jailbreak is. I downloaded Bochs and ran it as Admin but it gives me an error about an unverified digital signature. Whats missing?

  • Ocelotty1

    Today I learned that the Surface Pro can play 3D Games (not with any great frame rate but functional on at least medium settings – Check the PCWorld website hands on :)

    • haxor

      you don’t say 😀 😀 😀