Windows Store Features Listed

Windows8Italia have uncovered the Windows Store features in Windows 8. They have compiled the list of features by managing the support libraries found in the leaked build of Windows 8.

Digging through the file system of Windows 8, we discovered the libraries for managing Windows Store, and today we present exclusive for Windows 8 Italy, what will be its main features.

  • Will be supported the purchase of goods and services directly within applications.
  • You can install trial applications and then decide whether to switch to full version.
  • Users can vote and review applications. Each comment can be rated by other users.
  • Users can send reports of problems developers of applications.
  • You obviously can search applications and filter the results by price or category.
  • For each application will be available information on:
    • Minimum system requirements
    • End-user license
    • Feature requests (Webcam, GPS …)
    • Category and description
    • Application functionality
    • Content classification
    • Screenshot
    • Links to support forums
    • Types of supported architectures (x 86, x 64, ARM or neutral)
    • List of enhancements in the latest versions (change log)
As is easy to understand, Windows Store then a better system to discover and install applications than searching on Google we’re used to today.
It is important to remember that Windows 8 will allow access to all your applications and settings from any computer you log your Windows Live ID.
Translated using Bing.
  • cmwind

    MS, please do one of two things:
    1) rebrand “Windows Store” to “Windows Marketplace”
    2) keep “Windows Store” and rebrand Xbox Games Marketplace, Zune Music Marketplace, Zune Video Marketplace, and Windows Phone Marketplace to Xbox Games Store, Zune Music SStore, Zune Video Store, and Windows Phone Store

    • Omz9

      Or just have different color variables represent different numbers which represent different marketplaces which if added or subtracted by one will give the different zones each marketplace is in.