Windows Store Has 3 Times As Many Downloads As Apple’s Mac Store

According to research firm Distimo, Windows Store has 3 times as many as downloads in Apple’s Mac App Store which was opened last year. Windows Store already has about 20,000 apps just after a month of its launch. This report also revealed that Apple’s Mac App Store continues to generate five time the revenues on Windows Store as most of the apps are free for now. Microsoft tops the most downloaded publishers list followed by Angry Birds maker Rovio. Read the full report here. 


via: TC


  • BZ

    How many of those are desktop apps? Let’s compare apples to apples here (no pun intended)

    • arrow2010

      The bigger story is how much more revenue Apple is making. Of course its early days.

      • TimoTim19

        Apple generates more money ONLY because they take a percentage of everything sold in the store. With W8, MS only takes a percentage of the app itself, NOT in app purchases. Devs keep those sales. Let MS worry about money generated.

  • the person

    remove the crap apps and links to desktop apps, the count is probably the same.

    • TimoTim19

      Why would they do that? Will the Mac app store remove its crap apps as well? And why knock MS for giving its users a way to get desktop apps from their store…seems only logical and intuitive for their customers.

      • the person

        there are not two classes of apps in the Mac store, so removing the Desktop apps would remove that legacy link and show only the modern UI apps.

        • TimoTim19

          Yes, Im aware of that, but its not MS’s job to look at things from a fanboys perspective. If adding desktop apps to their store is better for their customers (which it is), then that’s the choice you go with. Besides, desktop apps aren’t the majority type in the Windows Store.