Windows Store Hits 150,000 Apps Milestone

The Windows Store has reached 150,000 apps almost a year and half after the release of Windows 8.  For some perspective it took Windows Phone about two years to accomplish the same goal.  Since then the app growth of Windows Phone has stalled somewhat with about 200,000 apps currently.

Win Beta reports:

While the Windows Store continues to see improvement as the months go by, the app count has struggled to climb. The Windows Store has seen a slow climb in apps since July of 2013, having only jumped up by 50,000 apps in just eight months. Of course, of all these new apps that have been made available, a lot of them are crap or spam apps. Only a handful of the 150,000 apps are actually considered “quality apps” – apps that have a balance between design, content, and usefulness.

We are starting to see more quality apps come to the Windows Store.  VLC is an example of this, and we recently talked to their lead developer about some of the challenges of bringing an app to the WinRT platform. Of course it goes without saying that the Windows Store has a long way to go before it catches up to iOS, Android, or even the Windows Phone store for that matter.

Source: WinBeta

  • Joe_HTH

    Microsoft needs to get rid of one of it’s operating systems, probably WinRT. Replace it with WP8. Why Microsoft didn’t simply put WP8 on Windows 8 to begin with is beyond me. It would have solved a ton of problems. They don’t need three operating systems with three different ecosystems. Since WP8 has a better ecosystem than the Windows Store, that should win out.
    Create a Metro layer compatible with WP8, and use the WP8 store.

    • PoohGQ

      Well, they found a solution… get rid of Balmer and his bad decision making!

      • Bugbog

        Are you still on that?!

    • SategB

      Good post

    • Keifwoki

      Rt will replace Windows phone… Or not replace, but they will merge into one…

  • PoohGQ

    I need help finding web dev tools for my Surface RT. Anybody know of any??
    Thanks in advance!

  • LexicoRed

    The problem with WP App Store is Microsoft allow this kind of crap to proliferate.

    Check out the image and see if you can pick the “official” Facebook App (hint: it is past the first four dozen):

  • Tirinti

    Most applications for WP7 were XNA based.
    After Microsoft axed XNA, there is less developer’s inters in WP8 and W8 has no XNA from the beginning.
    C++ and HTML/Java Script are not a languages of choice of Microsoft Developers.
    Microsoft must create new C# game development framework to attract more developers to WP8 and W8.

  • Rikkirik

    How does Suril know that most of the 50.000 apps are crap or spam apps???? Figure that one out.

    • Guest

      Just spend some time at the Store and you will see is correct, or worst way too conservative with the number :(

  • Flexo

    80% are fake apps