Windows Store Redesigned In Win8.1 As It Approaches 100,000 Apps

In the new Windows Store bring a number of changes in Windows 8.1.


Automatic Updates

Windows Store apps will now be automatically updated in the background.  Users have the option of turning off automatic updates, especially useful to those in areas with limited bandwidth.



The focus of the Windows Store redesign is on recommendations.  When you open the Windows Store you will see an editorial sections of the top new apps, idf you scroll to the right you will see “pick for you.”  The store also features a list of recently launched apps and apps that are currently popular with other users.  The list of top free and paid apps are still there too., Bing powers the recommendation engine and will provide you with a personalized list of apps based on a number of factors. App listings are much more descriptive now, you can see screenshots, ratings, top reviews, details about the app and a list of related apps, as well as apps by the same developer on one single side-scrolling page.

Microsoft is rapidly approaching 100,00 apps in the Windows Store and announced today that a Facebook App would be coming to Windows 8.1.

Source: TechCrunch

  • Willem Evenhuis

    … and manual install I would also recommend because updates are not always better and time has shown many updates could have worse and unstable improvements than previous versions.
    Also please stop with the numbers game of apps in the store. It means virtually nothing. Rather score based on quality apps supported. Of the 100000 only a couple are useful and the rest of copies or more of the same.

    • BIAS

      Tell that to an IOS fanboy!

  • PoohGQ

    Really..??! I wonder why choose a Google Search app as an example! I mean, they have not and will continue to avoid support for anything Microsoft. I think it’s best to provide an example of an app that has wholesomely supported the Metro UI like the new Nook app… :)