Windows Store To Get Another Makeover To Put More Focus On Apps (Video)

During BUILD keynote, Joe Belfiore demoed a glimpse of the upcoming Windows Store makeover for Windows 8.1 users. The upcoming update will put focus more on Apps all the way. When you open the Windows Store, you will be welcomed with featured apps on the left along with collections, then there is Top Free, New & Rising category of apps on the right. There is now always shown navigation bar on the top with the search box as well.

Windows Store 1

Also, Windows Store will now highlight price drops of the apps to the users as well. The original prices are crossed out with the new, dropped, price highlighted in red.

Windows Store 2

Overall, its a pretty neat update that will allow keyboard and mouse users to enjoy Windows Store content more than ever.
via: McAkins

  • Nham Thien Duong

    What they need to do is make more categories, more than Google Play, so developers will be attracted to compete in ”smaller categories” thus challenging more people to make more apps for those… well, I’m just making that up, I really just want to see the Windows Store being superior to the rest in EVERY POSSIBLE MANNER POSSIBLE, Microsoft has Xbox LIVE, I don’t see why Scroogle Play has more games than Microsoft, I really hope that Indie-game developers will soon release more games for Windows and Windows Phone, so we’ll also get more categories. 😀

    • reKitab

      Windows has AAA games. Scroogle Play has the other games:) I like graphics and story intensive games. funk screwgoolge games for babies:)

  • Jimminey

    This is great! I truly can’t wait for the unified Store. Also, one of the questions was a very good point, while Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox are getting a unified Windows Store, it would be great to have the “Office Store” be integrated into the Windows Store as well, making the Windows Store the one-stop-shop for everything! :-) Also, I’d love for them to add a “Change Log” section so developers don’t have to keep updating their app description.