Windows Threshold Build Screenshots Leaked, Reveals New Start Menu And Windowed Modern Apps

Windows Threshold Build Screenshots

In the last couple of weeks, we have been reporting about leaked Windows 9/Threshold builds with their build numbers. Today, screenshots of the Windows Threshold build got leaked on the web. It includes the much awaited Start Menu which doesn’t differ much from what we have seen in the past. Also present in the new build is the Windowed modern apps that will act as a boon to Desktop users who wants use Modern apps with ease. claims that these are UIP team labs,

The build pictured in the screenshots, build 9795, was compiled on July 13th and is part of the uip_dev feature build lab (FBL). UIP stands for User Interface & Platform so it is basically just the team responsible for UX changes like the start menu and windowed apps plus some under the hood kernel changes.
Windows Threshold Build Screenshots 1

Source: Myce

  • Jackal

    This smacks of setting up a dual-boot system, and then trying to constantly find a way to make it one OS.

    Years of compromise ahead. Just separate the things.

    • davepermen

      no just let the old one die (and make it pretty while it lasts). i’ve moved on. nearly no desktop apps anymore. i really don’t see the appeal and use of the desktop anymore. it’s a legacy concept for those who can’t move on. make it pretty for them. and then let it die.

      • Bugbog

        As long as one can get the functionality and complexity of desktop in Metro? then I don’t see what the issue is!

        (And the upcoming port of Office to Metro will either support this, or nix it, and we’ll have an answer once and for all!)

        • davepermen

          metro is MUCH MORE than just the ui. the stuff that changed behind the scenes matter much more. that’s why win32 has to go. much less stuff can go wrong when devs work inside winrt. security, ease of use, consistency, flexibility all gain massively from it. the desktop holds back so very much. people are not aware of that. sadly.

          • dave

            Metro = frameless IE with com+ extensions with weak API support , I agree much less can go wrong, only because much less can happen in a sandbox full of tinker toys,”desktop holds back so very much” ? that make zero sense! metro is terrible UX and has been rejected by almost everyone.

      • xma1e

        I wish i could but all the Adobe suite that i use day in and day out are not touch friendly. Small minded people look no further than their own noses.

  • otacon1k

    I know its built but please change the desktop icons!

    • Alejandro Machado R.

      Those and the disk space graphics, and so on.

      Microsoft needs a real focus in design.

      • arrow2010

        They can’t, they lost all the good designers. There aren’t any left. Onto 8-bit graphics, forward brave MS troopers!

    • Emi the Strange

      yeah because it’s hard to change them yourself /s

      • Big burger potato nipple


  • Asgard

    Still weird it says Windows 8.1. That pre-release name has never been the name of the previous OS. OR this means that these updates are still planned for Windows 8.1 and Windows 9 is going to be something else.

    • Ray

      Not just pre-release, it is pre-beta. MS has not yet changed the resources related to OS name. In other words, that’s internal builds that you are not supposed to see at this moment of time.

  • Kate Perry

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  • arrow2010

    Awful, just awful. Get rid of those tiles.

    • david

      Tiles are here to stay

  • dave

    @david tiles have been around for thousand of years, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. but those stupid f$%ckin solid color rectangles have got to go! , what function do they serve? Metro/WP use them and both are failed, many people say they like Win 8 but most concede the Metro interface is sh1t. I wouldn’t worry though, the first screen shot says Windows 8, if Threshold is windows 8 SP, wow cares, Windows 9 will either fix it or people will stick with windows 7 till Windows 10 , if that isn’t crap too.