Windows With Bing Build Leaked, The Free OS From Microsoft For Low-cost Devices

Bing for Windows build

Microsoft recently confirmed the availability of new Windows 8.1 with Bing SKU for OEMs. At BUILD conference, Microsoft announced that Windows will be available for 0 dollars to their hardware partners for Windows Phones and tablets smaller than 9-inches in screen size. This free Windows for OEMs will be the Windows 8.1 with Bing SKU. Also with the Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft is enabling the hardware partners to build lower cost devices with only 1GB of memory and 16GB of storage that provide customers with the fast and fluid experience they expect from a Windows device. We can expect devices from OEMs running this new Windows SKU at COMPUTEX event next month.

Today, this Windows with Bing build got leaked on the web and you can see it from the screenshot above.

Source: CentrumWindows  via: Neowin

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    Wow, my Windows Phone has higher specs than that… in other words we may soon see the fusion of Windows Phones and Windows P.C.’s. 😀

    • Jhora Zakaryan

      No it hasn’t. Your Windows Phone (along with any smartphone) is powered by an ARM RISC processor, while PCs are built with x86/x64 CISC. In a couple of words, an x86 machine can execute much more complex operations per processor cycle than any smartphone. Those two architectures are so different that it doesn’t even make sense to compare them based on clock speed.

      • neva

        Finally someone who doesn’t work for a processor builder and understands that!
        You would be amazed by the amount of friends of mine (studding Computer Science) who don’t understand x86/x64 is way more powerful than ARM. I’m so tired of listening stupid stuff like “I don’t know what the **** is Intel doing! Samsung already made an octacore and the Snapdragon 801 clocks at 2.5Ghz while Intel is doing 1.6Ghz in theirs!”
        That’s why I never liked Windows RT! Baytrail offers you a lot more power for a bit less battery life than ARM and doesn’t cost much more to produce…

  • RoadOfMajor

    Microsoft continues to come up with names that are profoundly stupid.
    “Windows 8.1 Single Language with Bing Edition”

    • Zicoz

      I really don’t see the issue here. It will still be marketed as windows 8.1, the “with Bing” is just a license name for the OEMs

      • RoadOfMajor

        I understand they are adding the “with Bing” as a flag to indicate that the OS is a special OEM version, but it is profoundly confusing for all sorts of reasons.

        For one, the “with Bing” part would imply that this is better than a regular Windows 8.1, which it isn’t. Can you imagine Apple making a new free OS called “OS X 10.9 with Safari.” This is going to leave people wondering if the regular OS no longer has that feature.

        • somanysheep

          Well I guess as you are struggling “Windows with Bing” does illustrate some other like you could be confused. Having said that I think it likely people will just call it Windows the same as they do with every other version and the distinction is more to do with the SKU for the OEM.

          How you manage to cope with the distinction between version numbers and what they may or may not contain “OSX 10.9” is surprising given your comments though, perhaps Windows would suit? 😉

        • Zicoz

          It really won’t be an issue since the people who don’t know what this OS is won’t go digging to see what license it is.

    • Emi the Strange

      can you buy this? no. so what do you even care if it will only be in few devices since not every device can have this “free” version.

      I’m sorry but, some people like you should readlly think before talking. instead of complaining or worrying about dumb things

      • Jhora Zakaryan

        This is an open discussion and the comment wasn’t out of topic. I don’t see why people can’t state the fact that MS chose a stupid long name for the OS version.

        • Guest

          Your headed into choppy waters for there are a few here that can not accept the fact that Microsoft could possibly make a mistake of any nature. Just by thinking they could will get you defined as a MS hater.

          You been warned. 😉

      • RoadOfMajor

        lol, right.

        Because when someone asks me what OS I’m using, i don’t want to say “Windows 8.1 Single Language with Bing Edition.”

        • Bugbog

          You’re still using Windows 8.1.1, it’s just that the OEM got the “with Bing” version so the hardware you are likely to have purchased would have the 1GB of RAM and 16GB of basic storage.

          • RoadOfMajor

            But why not “Windows 8.1 Lite” or something to that nature? What on earth does Bing, a search engine of all things, have to do with the different set of hardware requirements?

          • somanysheep

            In return for Windows being free Bing is the mandated default search engine. Pretty straight forward and does what it says on the tin.

          • Bugbog

            It’s an apropos title, as @somanysheep states. It’s not a ‘cut-down’ version of Windows 8, it’s merely been optimised for a lower mobile footprint and with the express purpose of making sure OEM’s can’t/don’t ‘front-load’ the O.S. with the unnecessary bloat that undermines Microsoft.

            After all, you don’t really believe that Windows RT failed because it wasn’t “full Windows do you? (If so, you may have believed the hype). No RT failed because the OEM’s sabotaged it, mostly because:

            a) they don’t like changing their ways, and
            b) would have had to change their ways if RT worked;

            That is, all the software they front-load onto their devices (shareware, anti-virus, trial’s etc), and for which they get paid (and makes up a great part of their device profit margins) just doesn’t work on RT! So imagine these OEM’s paying for a license to software that would cost them profit?

            Hell No!!

            But, with the advent of Windows 8.1.1 with Bing? Now they get the carrot inserted inside of the stick; a “free” O.S. that has only a few pre-requisites for it’s use, which is ultimately beneficial to both parties.

  • Zicoz

    Can’t wait for Computex to kick of next week.

  • Choming Girl

    I can’t believe on this news because of