Windows XP Marketshare Only drops by 1.4% After Support Ends


New numbers from Net Applications shows Windows XP marketshare dropped by 1.4% compared to last month. The small drop in not entirely unexpected. Many enterprises and governments have signed special deals with Microsoft to extend Windows XP support for another year, at the cost of millions of dollars. The Chinese is market continues to run mostly on Windows XP and there is no urgency to change this within the country. A significant drop in Windows XP marketshare will probably be seen one year from now.

Windows 7 maintains the #1 spot with 49.27 marketshare, up from 48.77% in March. Combined Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 now command 12.24% marketshare, up about 1% from March. Specifically Windows 8 has 6.36% (down from 6.41%) while Windows 8.1 has 5.88% (up from 4.89%).

Source: Net Applications

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