Windows XP Still Reigns Supreme In Many Countries

Statcounter’s latest number show Windows XP only has 20.58% marketshare worldwide, while Windows 7 has 52.73% and Windows 8 3.3%.  As Windows XP approaches end-of-life in 7 months, I suspect we’ll see these numbers change somewhat.  While in North America Windows XP only holds ~15% marketshare, there are a number of eight countries where XP is the top used operating system:

  • China – 54.79%
  • Cook Islands – 72.14%
  • Cuba – 52.93%
  • Eritrea – 58.25%
  • North Korea – 61.47%
  • Morocco – 44.66%
  • Norfolk Island – 70.18%
  • Vietnam – 44.33%

Here are countries where Windows XP hold over 30% marketshare:

•Albania – 44.64%
• Algeria – 38.11%
• Argentina – 30.9%
• Belarus – 37.39%
• Benin – 43.37%
• Bolivia – 32.71%
• Bosnia and Herzegovina – 42.97%
• Bulgaria – 36.76%
• Cameroon – 42.65%
• Cote d’Ivoire – 34.79%
• Dominican Republic – 46.29%
• Eygpt – 41.68%
• Ethiopia – 31.21%
• Gambia – 30.42%
• Vatican City – 43%
• Hungary – 38.75%
• India – 31.93%
• Indonesia – 37.07%
• Iran – 31.54%
• Macedonia – 35.84%
• Madagascar – 36.34%
• Montenegro – 30.59%
• Pakistan – 42.75%
• Romania – 35.13%
• Serbia – 34.48%
• Taiwan – 31.42%
• Tajikistan – 31.68%
• Togo – 41.98%
• Uzbekistan- 42.59%
• Venezuela – 30.91%
• Yemen – 40.41%

Net Applications, which uses a slightly different methodology hold global Windows XP marketshare at ~33%.

Source: Neowin

  • Kreft

    Good. I can’t wait til xp is dead with less than 10% market share. It’s been too long.

  • Emily the Strange

    Im glad more and more apps are starting to stop supporting XP.
    first NotAion launcher, also Hexchat, and I noticed Xbmc wont support XP with versión 13.
    of course people complain and say win7 and 8 waste more resources and all, but everything just seems a myth, since you can deactive alot of things to free memory up. and honestly, the difference between win8 and xp in memory, is almost zero, so people just dont want to upgrade. but im glad important software is not supporting XP anymre in their uncoming plans.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Personally I can’t wait for more people to jump on the Windows 8 bandwagon, it’s way more secure, it’s faster and better overall (although most will flock to Windows 7, a lot will go to Windows 8), as I’ve used XP on my main computer until a year ago, I’ve always envied Vista- and 7-users, and as much as I love Windows XP, it literally has no place in this modern market, it keeps Windows’ name bad, Internet Explorer and Windows have evolved to a point that they’re great practically virus-free services with integrated fire-walls and A.V.’s and faster processing, clinging to Windows XP will only hurt the people who use it. In long-term, the more people who’ll use Windows 8, the more apps will be written for it (and RunTime).

    But it’s not just the apps, Windows RunTime programmes run in sand-boxed enviroments and are way harder to crack and to ship a virus with, Windows RunTime applications can also be removed from the Windows Store if they would hypotetically be malware, as much as I love and use the Desktop, I’ll gladly admit that Windows RunTime is a better enviroment for apps (if you hate malware) and Microsoft must add a feature similar to Windows Phone 8’s ”Company apps” (and Windows Mobile X before it) to Windows to become more ”enterprize friendly”.

    Windows Vista and 7 are also secure and better, but Windows 8 has full cloud-integration, and Windows 8.1 (Blue) will be 100% Cloud, by the end of 2014 everything will be in the Cloud, so it would be better to jump to a mature cloud-enabled enviroment rather than to Windows 7 which doesn’t offer the same tools Windows 8 does, and Windows 8 is practically the same as Windows 7 (although I do miss the Windows Media Center, which is one of the 2 removed things), and for parents the Microsoft Family Safety (Windows Live Family Safety) programme could make their P.C.’s ”child-friendly”.

    Windows XP, although it was awesome when it came out, the first O.S. to re-combine Microsoft’s consumer and enterprize O.S.’es again, the first O.S. to run on Tablets and the Microsoft’s first attempt at what today is Windows 8, a pioneer of operating systems and a heavy-weight innovative ecosystem that been with many people for most of their lives, but it won’t die, it will simply live on on your next P.C. Windows 7 is a Zombie-Vista with XP’s features re-introduced, if you go from XP to 8 you don’t have to learn much, you’ll feel right at home after a week or 2.

    Microsoft must give XP’ers special offers to help them migrate to Windows 8 and give them discounts and work together with O.E.M.’s to re-cycle P.C.s and to help make this transition easier.

  • reKitab

    WinXP’s the Methuselah of all OSs:)
    “According to the Hebrew Bible, Methuselah (“Man of the dart/spear”, or alternatively “his death shall bring judgment”) is purported to be the oldest person to ever live.”
    Long Live XP…!

  • counterblow

    A “top countries for software piracy” list would overlay on top of this one almost perfectly.

  • scotthumble

    From my experience, the Net Applications figure of 33% is alot closer to reality.

  • tomakali

    Microsoft should release a last service pack to Windows XP which should introduce W8 Trial version for 12months free. anyway XP has just 7months left…

    • jimski27

      A good number of those machines would not work with Win 8. At least not without a lot of technical support. And I wouldn’t call that list of countries prosperous, with regard to replacements. Hell, is any country prosperous today. When XP shuts down, things can may get messy for a bunch of people.