Wintel Notebook demand rebounding as consumers realize iPad is for entertainment, not productivity

imageDigitimes reports that Taiwan-based notebook ODMs have discovered the impact of tablets like the iPad is less than they expected, as consumers discover they are good for entertainment, but not for getting work and studying done.

The iPad has created new demand instead of eroding existing demand for notebooks, said Wistron chairman Simon Lin. However, iPad has absorbed a portion of consumer budgets, causing delays in replacement notebook purchases, Lin said. Notebooks are expected to regain demand after the launches of Intel’s Ivy Bridge in the second quarter and Microsoft’s Windows 8 in the fourth, Lin indicated.

The X86 version of Windows 8 uniquely combines the productivity benefits of mouse and keyboard and a multi-window user interface with the full-screen touch interface of tablets.

Regarding the global outlook for notebooks in the second half of 2012, Acer, Asustek Computer and Samsung Electronics are optimistic while Hewlett-Packard and Dell are neutral, sources indicated.

  • Drewidian

    I have an iPad, Android Galaxy Tablet, and a Kindle fire. All of them are decent consumer entertainment devices, but just copying and pasting from one app to another is a challenge. I’ve been using all of the previews of Windows 8 and it is definitely better than all of the others. I think once we see more devices with Windows 8 and the final feature set of add-ons for the Microsoft ecosystem, more consumers will become aware of how limited the functionality is in iOS and Android and get a Windows Tablet as not just a replacement for their mobility solution, but for their windows laptops as well. The flexibility of Windows OEMs to make a wide array of hardware solutions means that everyone will probably find a hardware/OS combination that will work for them.

    • guest

      I couldn’t agree more.  Well stated.

  • hysonmb

    I’ve been saying this all along. Mobile tablets are companion devices, not replacements. I don’t know any iPad owner who doesn’t have a computer anymore.

  • Elli27

    iPad is really for entertainment i can’t see any work done if you don’t have a desktop environment, and with windows 8 you can have both and all the programs that we need like photoshop or netbeans will run assuming you but the pro version

  • Paragon

    Oh, hang on a second. Every day I see people using iPads for work. Many enterprises have incorporated them into their everyday tools. I am a sales rep and have multiple uses for my Asus Tablet, and many of my competitors have company issued iPads, using applications developed for their use.

    I do think that Windows 8 on a tablet will be much better though, and I hope to be one of the first in line to get one, if my employer doesn’t supply one.

    • jibba_jabba

      i see a lot of people bringing them to work, however I can’t say i’ve seen much work getting done on them. Everytime I cruise by a person on an ipad during a meeting they are playing games. I’ve never seen anyone really use them. Our company does supply them to our sales reps…and they did create apps but they are dedicated to showcasing stuff to potential customers…not really anything else.

    • techgeek01

      I do (did?) see that.  But getting work done?  I don’t know. Countless of my friends end up going to their laptops after using iPads.

      The got an iPad to do “productivity” and after a week trying to get work done, they ended up going back to their laptops.

      Matter of fact, one of my iPad using friends ended up getting a (cheap) PC laptop because using that “cheap” PC laptop, they were so far more productive.

      I have used several different tablets, and if you want to get work done, don’t look at a tablet.  Get a laptop.

  • Sunovavic

    Aside from MS Office… How productive can Windows 8 RT be? And if MS releases Office on iPads won’t that make iPads as productive as Windows 8 RT?

    • Tick Tock

      You have two version to choose from Win 8 RT and Win 8 Pro that you can install all the legacy program you want. Can you do that to your iPad? Apple user’s are lucky because MS is creating a office for them.

      • Sunovavic

        Win 8 Pro is no competition to the iPad of course it’s so much more!  But I see the Win 8 RT as the true competitor to the iPad.  But if MS is creating office for the iPad and even the Smart Glass… What will be the advantages of RT over iPad?

        • briguy266

          Go watch a Windows 8/iPad comparison video and you’ll see witch is superior even when it comes to the not so mature Metro UI. Also, keep in mind that Windows RT, while it can’t run legacy apps, is still a full featured Windows OS (the most featureful OS to date).

        • Emi Cyberschreiber

          well you should try to inform more yourself, first office for ipad its just a rumor, and it wont be a full office version like RT is going to have. and second, smart glass for windows 8 has the gaming side on it, and on android and ipad, etc the entertainment side. and you can also plug stuff on the RT version, like you know a xbox controller, a usb storage device or even a printer, etc. maybe this is advance stuff for you to understand why a RT is better than iPad in so many ways, specially if you are an apple fanboy, but there are so many ways RT version beats ipad and android. like bruguy said, its a full featured OS, so you wont need a windows 8 device for anything but running desktop apps.

        • jagster

          So the press is claiming that iPad is eating into laptop sales (ie. laptop competition) but you claim that Surface Pro (a tablet PC) isn’t competition for the iPad (a tablet appliance). Do you really think the Surface Pro won’t take some iPad sales away? Can you imagine a single person buying both a Surface Pro *and* an iPad?

  • Rikikrik

    Well it’s about time people realised this, it’s taken too long. I have never bought and will never buy an Ipad because it only has an entertainment value. I get that and more from my PC’s and laptops (yes, the productivity value). An Ipad is too expensive for the value it offers, compared to a PC or labtop, the price is too high. In my opinion the most expensive Ipad should cost no more than 200 dollars for the value it offers as an entertainment device. Since the introduction of the Ipad I have been waiting for Microsoft to come up with a combined PC/tablet and they finally have. The power is with Miocrosoft. Apple has fooled the masses, especially those who can afford an Ipad. If Microsoft is offering it’s W8 Surface tablet/PC for say $ 499 to $ 699, well then you know you’ve been had by Apple with the sale of the Ipad.

  • techgeek01

    Since the Asus transformer has came out, I have said, over and over, that an Asus Transformer-like device running Windows (now, Windows 8) will put the coffin into tablets AND ultrabooks.

    The problem is MOST people cannot afford multiple-devices. Yes, an iPad is a good device, but a 16GB, $500 iPad CANNOT be your primary device.  A $700, 64GB version may begin to be a primary device, but not before you buy all the accessories NEEDED.  MacBook Air?  It’s gonna cost you $1000.  At the cheapest, it will cost you $1500 if you want a MacBook Air AND iPad experience.  And once you add all the stuff, I would argue, no less than $1700. after taxes and warranties, expect to be over $2000.

    Microsoft surface.The intel powered is expected to be around $1000.  Expensive?  yes, but no where near as expensive as an laptop AND tablet.

    Plus, you get the best of both worlds.

    And this is where I expected windows tablets to take off.

    Once people realize that with the Intel(AMD…?) powered tablets, you can run the FULL OS, meaning that you have a REAL COMPUTER, iPad sales will crash.  I mean crash.

    Because, why pick up an iPad (or another tablet), when you can spend a bit more and get essentially a laptop/tablet in one?

  • Gautam Divekar

    it has always the flexibility of microsoft windows ecosystem that has attracted real pc users. We can even say that the whole metro experience is a huge add on to existing rich ecosystem that is windows 7.which means it can accomplish all the tasks previous pc’s could do(x86) but you can also do what basically a consumer oriented device like ipad does.
     when people talk about real productivity and include “ipad” in the same sentence i can’t stop but already judge that person as a sort of misinformed and narrow minded individual !!

  • Bugbog

    One thing I’ve always admired Microsoft for, regardless of past/previous issues, is their ability to Create and Bring along Multiple Industries with them. Rather than just catering to a single stack profit format, wherein one company gets 80-90% of the profits, and then all that’s left is low level supplier relationship!

  • Vincent Haakmat

    The reason I held-off buying an iPad the past 2 years is for exactly this reason. As a software developer I hate carrying both an iPad and laptop with me. I recently purchased an ultra book, which is kinda OK, since it’s lighter and has more battery life, but still uses more-or-less the same real estate as a laptop. You know if you fly a lot, that doesn’t bode well, when you fly coach. So the new Surface Pro from Microsoft will definitely fill the middle ground I was looking for. Being both tablet and ultra book(by just clipping on the keyboard extension). I can read articles while in-flight, as well as write code, while waiting at the airport, or at my desk. All of tis, while the company just bought 1 device instead of 2. I hope OEMs take a page out of Microsoft’s game book and start building on top of the MS Surface model. I can’t wait to get to order one of these babies.. No matter the price, 1 Surface is still cheaper than an Ultrabook and iPad combined.