WSJ: Microsoft Plans To Ship 3-5 Million Surface Tablets This Quarter


WSJ today reported that Microsoft is planning to sell 3-5 Million Surface Tablets this quarter alone. According to component suppliers in Asia with whom WSJ spoke with,  Microsoft has placed orders to produce 3 million to 5 million of these tablets in the fourth quarter. This number looks equal to what Amazon and Google placed orders for Kindle and Nexus.

Can Microsoft beat their expectations?

Source: WSJ

  • poepje

    3-5 million? Thats like saying, i think we are going to sell 1 surface to 3 million surfaces…

  • Neo

    Well, I hope some on those come to Europe. I am going for this tablet, no other..

    • Njoi Fontes

      Same here, really crossing my fingers it comes to europe. I have high hopes this will happen since some surface graphity adds are popping up in france

  • 123321

    they say 3-5 Million. but as much as i’ve seen so far, there simply is no other device on the market that Comes Close to what the surface can offer… best tablet ever! so i suppose the’ll sell much much more…
    but please come to europe soon!

  • techieg

    All I need to know is if it is possible to install other editions of Windows 8 on the WinRT. If I can install Windows 8 Pro, etc and the hardware drivers, I will be the happiest dude.

    • Pavel H.

      I don’t think that’s possible, I believe RT is ARM based, Pro is x86 based. Please, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  • fogijdd

    You mean they ‘HOPE’ to ship 3-5 million — well good luck with that. I am going for ipad 3. I don’t think surface deserves the current pricing.