XBLA Title ilomilo plus Now Available In Windows Store

Popular XBLA title Ilomilo is now available in Windows Store as ilomilo plus. ilomilo is already available in Windows Phone devices and now even Windows 8 users can enjoy this game.


ilomilo plus is the Windows 8 version of the XBLA title, ilomilo, beefed up with additional fun levels, two exciting new chapters and three new challenging cubes. ilomilo is a puzzle game where the player controls two fellows named ilo and milo. The two friends always seem to get separated from each other in the surrealistic and ever changing world they inhabit, and the goal of each level is to reunite them. ilomilo presents puzzles where the player will have to use a great deal of three dimensional thinking to succeed. The world of ilomilo is made of cubes, and ilo and milo can walk any side of the cubes, as well as move cubes around. The player controls both ilo and milo, and will have to make them cooperate to unite them. ilomilo also allows players to control one character each, and play through the game cooperatively

ilomilo plus challenges players with out of the ordinary puzzles in an odyssey through a twisted and surrealistic world.

• Singleplayer story taking you through 6 different environments in the world of ilomilo
• Cooperative gameplay mode for two players, each player controlling a character!
• Famous cameo characters from other games are hidden in the world for players to find
• Online Leaderboards: Compare online who has completed the levels in the most clever way
• Unlockable mini game: Play the ingenious retro 2D mini game “ilomilo shuffle” with its own competitive leaderboard


•• New cubes and creatures, only available in ilomilo plus
•• Two new chapters continuing the story of our friends.
•• Three dimensional Cuteness.
•• A challenging puzzle game!
•• Play co-op with your friends.
•• Compete with other ilomilo players on the leaderboards.
•• Supports gamepad, keyboard and touch controls.
•• Includes a rare and still functional Ultra deluxe system.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for $6.99 with free trial available.

Thanks to Vino for the heads up.

  • blackhawk556

    Why premium prices?? Another reason why people are hesitant to switch

    • Alex F.

      Because it is a proper game with HD graphics – not the cut down mobile version.

  • Psyllo

    so i bought this for the xbox and i need to buy this again stupid MS
    the same with fruit ninja i got it for WP7.5 and xbox and if i want it on the surface i need too pay it again

    really bad move

    • Manu

      I agree 100%. They need to embrace the 3 screens with games like they do with music and video. I’d even be OK if there was a ‘step up’ cost or something, but to pay the same as someone who only has it on one device isn’t fair. Especially when the game is essentially a port.

    • Alex F.

      It’s up for developers to decide – and considering that porting game from platform to platform is a lot of work, I don’t see why it should be free. Not to mention that this edition also has a lot of new content.

      • Ryan T

        The problem is that all of the games are actually separate SKUs. See Wordament on WP7/8 and the version on Windows 8. You have two sets of Xbox achievements. They don’t share them even though the game is exactly the same on both platforms. Microsoft HAS NOT provided a way to make these games a single SKU across the three screens. The developer has no say in this matter.

        It’s the main reason why Play/Pause/Resume is very hard to come by even though it was promised as a big draw feature of the new Windows platforms.