Xbox 360 Continues Its Console Market Lead In October

NPD Group released its monthly console market sales numbers which revealed that Xbox is continuing its lead in the console market. Its also important to note that Xbox 360 is doing this in the past 16 of 17 months. Its an incredible momentum that drives more and more sales.

Holding 44 percent share of the overall current-generation console market, Xbox 360 sold 393,000 units in October, maintaining the number-one console spot in the U.S. for 2011. This marks the eighth consecutive month Xbox 360 had more than 40 percent of the current-generation console market share.

· Xbox 360 unit sales grew 21 percent year over year in October, and it was the only current-generation console showing double-digit growth.

· Total retail spend on the Xbox 360 platform in October (hardware, software and accessories) reached $490 million, the most for any console in the U.S.

· During the month of October, Xbox 360 held six of the top 10 console game titles including: “Battlefield 3,” “Batman: Arkham City,” “NBA 2K12,” “Rage,” and Xbox 360 exclusives “Forza Motorsport 4” and “Gears of War 3.”

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  • Anonymous

    Xbox 360 is probably one of the best consoles ever. So much more than a gaming device!

  • GP007

    Just imagine how it would sell if/when MS givea it a price cut finally.

    • Chuck Whitaker

      they been did a price cut, actually before PS3 did 

  • Predestined winner

    remember how the sony fanboys tried to label it as the dreamcast2? sonyboys are funny.