Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Roll Out Begins, Check For Update Now


After the initial delay for few hours, Microsoft has announced that Xbox 360 Dashboard update is now rolling out to all the eligible customers. Some customers may experience network error message, Microsoft is aware of this and is already working to resolve it. If update goes fine for you, you can enjoy the new Metro Styled dashboard with new Kinect enabled apps like Netflix, etc,.


  • You can force your Xbox to get this new update by going to System Settings-> Network Settings-> Wired Network->Test Xbox LIVE Connection in your Xbox. You will be prompted to update your console.
  •  If you have problem signing it, try to log in to on your PC and accept new terms and conditions (EULA) , then try on your console again.

Hope it works ! !

Thanks David for the tip..

  • Sdgfgf

    Shit is stupid. Worst update a complete waste of time and everything. Shit is stupid and now wont let people connect so you make the load up screen look dumb as shit and now I cant sign in great. 

  • Kieran Russ

    I have to agree this update is pretty pointless, all its added the the UK is lovefilm yet another subscription service. Not even youtube is working, my advice microsoft is that if your not ready dont roll it out! Better a complete update with services than a pointless one with “coming soon” bull

  • The Osiris

    This didn’t work for me.  I am in the preview program, not sure if that has anything to do with it

  • J Freiman

    The new Metro UI is beautiful, fast and simple to use.
    The updated Netflix app is the worst Xbox app, game, program ever!
    Save yourself from the hideously designed Netflix and subscribe to Hulu – they did it right.