Xbox 360 gets cloud storage for game saves

xboxkinectOne of the features which did not get airtime in Microsoft’s E3 keynote was cloud storage for gamer tags and game saves.  This means users will be able to sign in on any Xbox 360 and be able to continue their game where they left off hundreds of miles away from their console.

One feature we also hopes this will enable in time will be starting a game on the Xbox 360 and continuing it on a Windows Phone, as Microsoft demoed at MIX last year.

The full list of new announced features are:

  • The New Dashboard. Simpler. Cleaner. Easier to navigate. With the addition of new entertainment content on Xbox LIVE and our commitment to continuously improving the overall Xbox experience, we’ve updated the dashboard with a new look and feel that makes it even more open, inviting and intuitive to navigate. All of your favorite content is categorized in a way that is easy to browse and find what you’re looking for, plus you can use voice anywhere in the dashboard to effortlessly navigate and get to what you want.
  • Bing on Xbox. We are bringing Bing to Xbox. Bing on Xbox searches Netflix, Hulu Plus, ESPN, as well as our music, video and Xbox LIVE marketplaces to find exactly the entertainment you want to enjoy. With Bing on Xbox and Kinect, you can effortlessly find the games, movies, TV shows, sports and music you want by only using your voice. You say it, Xbox finds it. The experience is now simpler than ever before.
  • Expanded Kinect Voice Support. We want Xbox LIVE members around the globe to experience the magic of Kinect’s voice recognition technology so we are committed to bringing voice to eight additional markets by the end of this year with a total of 13 markets that will have Kinect voice. We are also exploring some innovative new ways to enable the LIVE community to help us accelerate the refinement of voice models in new markets, and look forward to sharing developments on that front soon.
  • Beacons. We want to make it easy for you to connect with friends over your favorite games on Xbox LIVE, so we are introducing Beacons to the service. Beacons are a way to tell your Xbox LIVE and Facebook friends that you want to play a game on Xbox LIVE. By setting a Beacon, you tell Xbox LIVE what you want to play. Then, Xbox LIVE lets you know when friends are playing or want to play the same game. With Beacons, no matter what you’re currently doing on Xbox LIVE your friends know that it’s ok to ask you to play your Beaconed games. Imagine sending out a Beacon to let your friends know you’re interested in playing “Halo,” while watching a movie on Netflix. It’s about making it easier for you to share and discover games and multiplayer opportunities with friends on Xbox LIVE.
  • Cloud Storage for Game Saves and LIVE Profile. Here at Xbox LIVE we listen to your feedback. We are making it easier for you to sign into your Xbox LIVE account from any console at any time to access your game saves and full profile, including items such as Microsoft Points to make purchases, Achievements and friends. Cloud storage will allow you to enjoy the same great Xbox LIVE gaming experience even when you’re not in your own living room by giving you the option to store your “game saves” securely in the Xbox LIVE cloud instead of on a portable memory unit or your console’s hard drive. Gone are the days of “gamertag recovery.” Now all you need to do is sign in, no matter where you are!


  • sarkis chamelian

    FINALLY !!!   THE one thing I think everyone was waiting for “LIVE Profile” !!  I LOVE MICROSOFT !!

  • JP

    Does this mean that when I travel between the US and UK that I get to keep my ID and everything? Fantastic!

  • Zacman08

    Sick… Will be less time comsuming… God bless it

  • Xwildone

    Here is an idea for a future XBOX system. Allow one to hook up a game controller to their Smart Phone, have a IPAD hooked into the phone, so that you can actually play on a screen big enough to be acceptable viewing pleasure. Slingbox Pro HD to the new XBOX at home. You could then play your XBOX from anywhere in the world as long as you leave a game disk in it. Have the ability to put the XBOX in standby mode to save power when not in use, but have the ability to turn it on from your smart phone. If the latency isn’t too bad you might be able to play even games like Call of Duty from anywhere. If one could register that they bought the game, then the xbox live could even be used instead of having the game in the machine, to allow one to play all their games, if they don’t want to have to leave just one game in their XBOX. That would allow the XBOX to just download the game that you want to play, and once done with playing it free up the space to play another game. Instead of having to buy a physical game in the store all the time, you would own it on XBOX live. That would solve the problem of someone just selling their game to Buybacks and keeping the game, as the online version, so that XBOX wouldn’t lose money. PS3 and Nintendo could do something similar as well.

  • Wesoliver84

    The next thing Microsoft needs to do is to simply turn the xbox console itself into an Android acceptable Tablet, still allowing controllers to be connected wirelessly. This would allow anywhere gaming for single player fans, and adding an HDMI port would allow the Tablet to be connect to nearly any HDtv for multiplayer games. Then by having a wireless connection, a player could play anywhere, against anyone. With the Cloud Storage, you could make gaming open to anyone with an account and keep using USB storage devices for personal data backup. All anyone would need is the Tablet Console, Controller(s), Game Disk (Download and/or Cloud Storage able with registration) and if it’s not your console, a wireless connection to recover your profile (Gold & Free, limitations apply) for personal gaming experience. This could revolutionize the game market, with it’s capability and portability.