Xbox 360 Leads U.S. Console Market In October, Held 56% Of Total Console Sales

Microsoft today announced that Xbox 360 leads the US console market for 22nd consecutive month. It held 56% of the total console sales.

Following are the highlights,

· Xbox 360 sold 270,000 units in October, more units than any other console, and held 56 percent share of current-generation console sales in the U.S. This marks the 20th consecutive month that Xbox 360 has held more than a 40 percent share of current-generation console sales in the U.S.

· Total retail spend on the Xbox 360 platform in October (hardware, software and accessories) reached $315 million. Consumers spent more on Xbox 360 products in October than they spent on the other two current-generation consoles combined.

· During the month of October, Xbox 360 held six of the top 10 U.S. console game titles including: “NBA 2K13,” “Medal of Honor Warfighter,” “Resident Evil 6,” Dishonored,” “Madden NFL 13” and “Borderlands 2”

Xbox 360 is getting ready for the holidays with Xbox exclusives like the recent launch of “Halo 4,” “Forza Horizon,” “Nike + Kinect Training,” “Dance Central 3,” “Fable: The Journey,” “Kinect Nat Geo TV” and “Kinect Sesame Street TV.” I think these titles should increase the sales of Xbox 360 next month.

Source: Microsoft

  • arrow2010

    Of course no #s for Japan, Europe, Canada, Australia…

    • Jitendra Singh

      US is their biggest market and besides Sony is already in a Loss

    • Joe_HTH

      Because the NPD numbers have absolutely nothing to do with countries outside of the U.S. Secondly, we don’t get official numbers from Europe, Canada, or Australia at all. However, we do know the Xbox 360 leads the UK, Canada and Australia.

      • danny

        All my mates have xbox 360’s none of them ever think about buying ps because chats on xbox is so much better.

  • guesttt999

    Looks like Microsoft is approaching the markets on all fronts – PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, Entertainment and Services. All of these combined = winning formula! With regards to Xbox, they need to bring out more Kinect games and services (still no Skype!).

  • toohats

    I think they could really win over so many more of the ‘kid’ market if they pushed the Sesame Street, Nat Geo, and Disney Kinect. (Then their folks could play when the kids are asleep.)