XBox 360 posts biggest sales week ever, sells 800,000 in one day


Microsoft has announced their biggest sales week ever, moving 960,000 Xbox 360s in just one week, and 800,000 within 24 hours in the Black Friday sales.

The 960,000 Xbox 360s were accompanied by more than 750,00 Kinect sensors, either stand-alone or bundled.

Entering its 7th year of sales, Microsoft anticipates that the Xbox 360 should deliver its eleventh straight month as the number one console in the US. Based on its robust holiday portfolio and the new Xbox LIVE dashboard going live on Dec. 6th, Microsoft expects holiday momentum to continue, driving Xbox 360 to finish the year as the number one console in the U.S., a crown it lost last year to the rapidly fading Wii.

Microsoft now has 75 Kinect titles and will also be bringing hard-hitting exclusives such as “Gears of War 3,” “Forza Motorsport 4” and “Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary” to the party this Christmas season.

  • Anonymous

    All I have to say is: wow.

    Aside: there is a zero missing in the Kinect sensors number.

  • Son of Kruegerman

    Holy crap!

  • MaulerX

    Congrats to Microsoft. Totally insane numbers! I mean….WOW!!

  • the person

    this is pretty epic.  Total household domination.  I’d definitely put off the next gen Xbox for a few more years.  When the new dashboard update hits next week this thing is going to be off the hook.

  • Predestined winner

    congratulations to microsoft for sticking with it, through all the nay-sayers moans for all those years.

    • Anonymous

      Most nay sayers do not have a long term vision and strategy. Microsoft does and sticks to it, despite critisims of short term visionaries. That’s what keeps them on top in the long term. With WP 7,5 I expect the same to happen. We will see in say 4 to 5 years time.

  • Anonymous

    Great Great. Got mine today.

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft has always wanted to get the Xbox at the centre of every American home, namely the living room. The developments surrounding Xbox with motionsensing, voice control and it’s services (games, video’s, TV programs etc) is bearing it’s fruits. Even in Europe Microsoft is pushing the Xbox with partnerships of Canal+ and others in other EU countries. I hope Xbox will become as integrated a product in Europe as it is in the US. These are realy great developments for us in Europe. Gogo Micro. Again Microsoft proves that coming late to the plate canreap rewards if you have the best integrated strategy.

  • Fadzai Chamba

    Totally awesome figures!!! And this for a product released years ago. Wow! Is that a comma misplaced or is there a missing zero for the Kinect?