Xbox 720 Spotted In The Future ! ! !

"Real Steel" movie’s latest trailer shows Xbox 720 branding in one of its scene. You can spot that in the video above or just see the image below. The movie is set in the future and also it depicts that gamers are having an Xbox 720 in their homes as well. You can either take it as Art director’s creativity or Microsoft’s clever product placement.. Anyway, Its good for Xbox brand.


  • Anonymous

    Not just XBOX 720 but Bing too.

  • DA

    how do people spot this kind of stuff lol

    • J A

      Same question I had on my mind. Its like people have their magnifying glasses at hand on everything, in fact, its more like their glasses are made of magnifying lenses, which allows them to catch every little detail that I sincerely will not notice. Lol.

    • youngaj02

      ive seen it on big screen its no mistake they have made sure it’s noticeable they give you a close up its deliberate

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Nice!

  • Anonymous

    someone must of watch this 1 frame at a time because I saw that trailer three times and was expecting to see an actual xbox720 console.

  • Ronny Bryant

    I think he uses Kinect to make his robot move :p


    When I saw the trailer I was like I can’t beleive they didn’t make a Kinect game out of this movie.

    Because you see Hugh Jackaman doing the moves on the outside of the ring and the robot doing them on the inside.

    To think of all the movies that they made games out of I would of thought this would have been a no brainer.

  • Anonymous

    Stuff like this reminds me of the rich placement of Xbox in the movie The Island followed by Kinect having come out years later. Don’t dare think MS isn’t planning ahead.