Xbox Chief Executive: “Shame On Us” For Not Delivering Clear Xbox One Story To Consumers

Xbox One

Xbox One chief product officer Marc Whitten in an interview to IGN has admitted that Microsoft has failed to clearly communicate the original Xbox One story that led to consumer opposition and U-turn from Microsoft. We all know how it evolved, this poor communication from Microsoft led to cancelling the digital games future that they initially planned for Xbox One. He also revealed that Microsoft is working on bringing back some of the digital only features such as Family Sharing to the current system in some form over time.

Here is an excerpt from the interview,

“I think it’s pretty simple. We’ve got to just talk more, get people understanding what our system is,” Whitten told IGN. “The thing that’s really gratifying is that people are excited about the types of features that are possible, and it’s sort of shame on us that we haven’t done as good of a job as we can to make people feel like that’s where we’re headed.”

“The number one thing I want to do is I want to get the product out, because people are going to use it and obviously a lot of this is more evident, but certainly what I want to do right is now is talk more about how we thought about these features,” he continued. “How we thought about how Xbox Live works, how digital works. I see people feeling like we’ve moved away from digital, when certainly I don’t believe that’s the case. I believe we’ve added on choice for people. It was an addition of a feature onto Xbox One, not a removal of a feature. And I understand people see things like Family Sharing and they’re like, ‘Wow, I was really looking forward to that,’ which is more of an engineering reality time frame type-thing.”

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Source: IGN

  • Yuan Taizong

    I really hope they (Microsoft) can put back the old Xbox One’s functionality AND keep the things people asked for, pleasing everyone isn’t impossible, just give people the choice to what they like and over time people will be moving away from C.D.’s and game into the Cloud, but until then, there must be a transition.

  • Mark Matheson

    This is Microsofts biggest problems, they are terrible at relaying features across any of their products.
    For Apple to come along and make such a big deal of video conferencing and call it ‘Facetime’ was just criminal but it is a good example of how to get the message out there.
    For Sony to claim the PS4 has next gen features such as stand-by downloading, really Sony – that’s a current gen feature of the 360!
    They have to get some buzz words into peoples heads and make sure they know where it came from.
    There has to be a single word that can be used to say you can stream tv and control channels through the console.
    There’s got to be a great name for swiping between video games and TV channels using Kinect.
    Windows phone voice recognition doesn’t have a name, on xbox you say ‘xbox’ but that’s a problem because xbox can be said quite a lot! They should give it an alternative name or let the user choose one!
    There are so many amazing features of their OS’s, hardware etc that MS fail to effectively share with the public that they are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

    • nohone

      WHile I agree that Microsoft could have done a better job, the problem is more with their competition and the fanboys of their competition. Apple will flat out lie to people and make claims about their products that make them better than what they are, drag anybody to court who dares do anything similar to them. You mentioned FaceTime, back in June of 2010, Steve Jobs said that they would submit FaceTime to standards bodies and make it so that anybody could use it on any platform. 3+ years later, and they have done no such thing. Samsung used a green phone in their UI (I had a green phone back in the ’70s, is that a copy), and that is copying Apple while everything in iOS7 is a copy and that is OK. They even sued for the slide to unlock, and then, from my understanding, they now use a slide up to unlock which has been around since ZuneHD.

      Then for the Xbox One, the outright lies were relentless. People are still pushing that Kinect will count the number of people in a room, and if there are too many people they will not allow a movie to be played. And I could list dozens, if not hundreds of other “rumors” that people just made up and put out there on the internet and became truth because nobody from Microsoft responded to each and every single one of them. There were people who wrote on a web site competing with this one a theory that was so off the wall, that it was obviously made up. After a couple hours, they proclaimed that Microsoft did not personally respond to them, and therefore it must be true. And so the Sony fanboys ran with it as true and still believe it to this day. Sony themselves were playing off the “Xbox One is only about media, not games” bit. And yet, the PS3 was all about media. They delayed the PS3 nearly a year simply because of the Blu Ray player, to try to force Blu Ray into people’s homes. Of course, then Sony will spend large portions of the E3 show talking about how their devices are #1 for watching movies from Netflix, and playing up how people are using their device more for movies vs. games.

      Like I wrote, Microsoft could have done better. But when you are up against an organized group willing to provide as much disinformation as possible to try to scare people away from anything Microsoft, it is hard to get the message out about what your product can doing, when you are spending your time telling people what it will not do.

  • Dunimis

    Actually, Microsoft delivered a very clear message. Vision and future proofing is very important to them, more important than consumer wishes. There were things that they flat out lied about. If it was not for Sony competition, Microsoft would never have changed. This was not a failure of delivery. This was failure of a product. They tried to go from a product to a service. Always online, digital distribution, anti piracy, know what you are watching. monthly payment increases, etc. We got the message. And it scared the crap out of us. I know that Microsoft will go right back to this the first chance they get. It is kind of why I am rooting against them for these first few next gen year, unless they really change their goals. But the moment that they push these type of non-ownership policies on consumers again is the day that I leave gaming (at least for Microsoft).

    • Johan Spånberg

      Uh… What are you talking about? The first version of Xbox One was going to be great… Family sharing… Sharing your game with up to 10 people… Reselling digital copies… Lending digital copies… Trading digital copies… Moving away from plastic discs… But nooo… Gaming consoles has to be stuck with the plastic discs every other group of people has moved away from…

      The decision to remove the only thing that made the box next-gen was a very big mistake.

      • Sackbauer

        – Family sharing was only up to an hour then you would have buy your own copy…

        – Reselling was only with consent from the publisher and only with an authorized re seller…

        imo the restrictions were just too much for the consumer with too little benefit.

        • nohone

          One hour sharing was completely denied by Microsoft.

          A “authorized reseller” deal was never confirmed, nor denied.

          Just more FUD spread by the anti-Microsoft groups to promote their competitors.

          • VISU

            One Hour sharing was denied by MS… You can deny when you don’t have to deliver it anymore… They never shared any details or answered any questions regarding it apart from the one liner statement that was part of the press release.

            Authorised reseller was part of the press release (read Participating retailers)… Although i hardly buy/sell used games..

            It was a FUD… but MS was majorly responsible for it… If all those features were really awesome why didn’t MS defend it and explain it in details.

            Family Sharing that everyone is raving about… MS never explained it or answered any question other than repeat the one liner statement from the press release…They said they were working on the details… which basically meant we are gauging customer expectations/comments to see how less we can give and S***w people before they would retaliate…

            While i understand the principal… but why would i want a machine that is no more than a paper-weight if offline for more than 24 hours… True that in lat 5 years, it has only happened 1-2 times that i was without internet for more than a day… but the issue is why should i restrict myself and pay a premium for it…

            Xbox was a connected devise.. sure.. i will not get all the benefits if i am offline…but thats my circumstances/decision…

            The TV features that are touted… I am sure we will not see it coming to Europe anytime soon… All their focus is US only.. why should i pay more for less features… I don’t think i would be buying Xbone unless i see whats on offer and which direction they are headed…

          • Johan Spånberg

            They denied it before they even downgraded the Xbox.

      • Usman Mohammad

        I’m sorry but no!

        People are not ready, how about you stop thinking about your self and actually think about people who live in areas that can’t go digital only, that do want to easily trade in games (especially to independant stores), buy used games with out restrictions (publisher fees, and that used game purchasing is dependant if the publisher enables it and if they charge an extra fee), had over games to friends with no issue.

        The console let publishers DECIDE, if we can share our game, lend it or sell it. The console was decided for the publisher first and not the end consumer. Stop supporting this FUD, You may be a Microsoft fan but stop being a fanboy. I’m a microsoft fan, I have a Lumia 920 and before that I had an Omnia 7, I understand most Microsoft technologies and services, however I’m not going to be a blind fanboy and not call them out when they do something stupid and anti-consumer (especially when it’s coming from division that’s supposed to be 100% consumer driven).

        There are many who supported Microsoft with the Xbox 360, they aren’t Microsoft fans, they are Xbox fans. They liked how the Xbox 360 was about core gamers, that’s until 2010 when Microsoft started focussing on kinect, casuals and made money of the royalties from third party games and believed everyone just wanted to play Call of Duty.

        Personally, I don’t game on a 360, reasons being, that there’s no difference on PSN and Xbox Live especially on my internet connection where I get host nearly everytime because most games are P2P based and that most games are third party and that Sony and Nintendo have way better exclusives than what Xbox has had since 2009.

        The policies in place where anti consumer, it was pro publishers.

        My closing state is a funny one because it is true. This site published a story stating that the “minority and press” ruined the Xbox One. That’s just a brilliant headline because it goes to show how over their head Microsoft fanboys (look up what a fanboy is, it’s different from what a fan). I’m sorry to say this but those people in support are the minority, why? Because there is a much larger number of gamers than Microsoft fanboys, I’m sure that a small percentage of current Xbox 360 owners actually own a Windows Phone and/or a surface, understand how Windows 8 works and come to sites like this.

        Do everyone a favour and stop trying to destroy gaming, you’re a not a real gamer, you’re just a tool that supports anything that a company does.

        This is coming from a Microsoft fan, who owns a lumia 920 (previously owned an omnia 7), a student, a WP and W8 developer, an enthusiast and gamer.

        • Johan Spånberg

          You do know the PS4 has support for checkins too, right? But it’s entirely up to the publishers how often the checkins would have to be.
          I do hope we can get a true Xbox One and maybe an Xbox 360 2 for the people who don’t want to own digital copies.

          • Usman Mohammad

            DRM could have been implemented this generation, publishers could have required all games to be logged into Steam/Origin/Uplay if they wished to do so. That’s completely different from what Microsoft did with Xbox One, they allowed publishers to do this through the consoles own infrastructure.

            What Jack Tretton said was basically explaining how it works now, there is no authentication required in order to play games on the console (now that depends on the game being played, but no publisher is evil enough to do this), with the Xbox One, this was baked into the console it self.

            Microsoft designed the console to let publishers to have the ability screw us over, Sony’s situation is with the game publishers. If game publishers put DRM on their games, the backlash is going to be towards the publisher and not the console manufacturers.

          • Johan Spånberg

            We would be screwed by being allowed to trade/lend/sell our digital copies? Not in my eyes…

            I really wish that Microsoft reverted the downgrade so we could have atleast one console on the market that is made for the 2010’s…

    • nohone

      Reposting this after it was deleted twice…

      This is a perfect example of what I wrote about below. Claim that Microsoft is lying, Sony is the savior of the gaming world, and then go on to spread a bunch of made up lies. Monthly payment increases? So every month Microsoft is going to increase the price of Xbox Live? This is a new one that I have not heard of. Of course, Sony once said they would never charge for online game play, and then with the PS4 I’ll start charging. Xbox One will be constantly monitoring what you are doing? You mean like how that Sony Blu Ray player that I bought, that when I first turned it on it told me that if I plug it into the internet they will send a list of all the movies that I watch back to them to “improve my viewing experience?” You don’t like the DRM that was proposed, and yet the Blu Ray format, the format that Sony is majorly responsible for, has layer after layer of DRM embedded within it?

      But my favorite bit of your is how Sony is supposedly keeping Microsoft honest. PS3 was lie after lie – it would have two HDMI out because it would be able to drive two displays at 1080p, it would need two Gb Ethernet ports because it was so powerful it needed them just to feed it enough internet data, it would cure cancer with Folding At Home (removed at a later date), it was a real computer and not a game console so you could install Linux (later removed), it was future proof because of TEH CELL!!11!!1 and Blu Ray. It was the only truly backward compatible console because it included a PS2 inside of it (later disabled).

      Sony did everything they could to turn the PS3 into a service, with PS Home (the most useless, bloated steaming pile of software spit upon mankind) and later PSN+. And they have done it again with the PS4, being you need a constant connection to the internet to stream games that are backward compatible (talk about DRM laden) – and it may work assuming their network stays up this time.

      As someone who was foolish enough to buy a PS3, the broken promises, the all out lies, the reaching across the internet to disable features that I paid $600 for. It scares the hell out of me what Sony will do next time, and that is why I will not buy a PS4.

      • Dunimis

        Sony did fail at the start of last-gen. And Microsoft repeated the exact same mistake. In regards to Sony, PSN+ and such are all optional. I have owned a PS3 for years and never used their services, but still played all the games I want. Backwards compatible does not mean anything, since Xbox One cannot even attempt backwards compatibility, so this is a small plus for the PS4. The always online portion is weird, I’ll grant you, but even I’ll admit, a digital distribution system needs some fail-safes. I just like that I have the option to opt out and keep playing like I usually do, unlike Microsoft’s first attempt. In the end, Sony learned a lot from their mistakes and made a strong appeal to gamers. Digital distribution means nothing to me currently. I live on a tight budget. If I go over, Internet is the first thing that I remove. That leaves me with a black box that does nothing. I’ll keep my discs, thank you.

        • nohone

          Just like Xbox live is optional. Sony and their fans laughed at how you had to pay to play online games on 360. Now, with the PS4, you need to pay to play online, and the excuse is that we need to pay so that Sony can offer a quality product, and not lose money.

          Wait, you are claiming tat the PS4 has a lead on the Xbox One because it has streaming of backcompat games, but the go on to complain about how you need an internet connection for Xbox? What good does streaming games give you, if you cut off your internet service? It is moot, anyway, since this requirement was cut from One. And a little tip: if you are on a fixed income, and there is a possibility of needing to cut your internet to save money, it may be wise not to buy a console where the games are $60, and instead you save that money.

          • Dunimis

            Still, Xbox One won’t even be backwards compatible, with or without Internet. So it is still a plus for PS4. For me, I plan on keeping my PS3. Second, I am not on a fixed income, but I live on a tight budget. So I do enjoy the console experience. I buy “used games” – that was a big win for PS4 back at E3 before Microsoft did the 180. But if anything happens, prices go up, I can still enjoy my offline console and my discs. I did play my PS3 online a few times, but I never paid for their online service. It was nice. I could walk away without feeling obligated to keep play. Their new fees are going to be low, but I doubt I will pay for their new online service fees. Instead, I will enjoy single player games.

      • Usman Mohammad

        2006 and 2007 called, they wanted their Sony back.

        Sony got cocky after the success of the PS2, that’s what lead to their downfall, the $599 pricing and lack of games caused them to dig their own graves while Microsoft and Nintendo saw success.

        Then came stellar games like, MGS4, Uncharted, Little Big Planet and Heavy Rain, a long with a price drop when they announced the 40GB and 80GB models.

        That’s what my experience with the PS3 was, there weren’t any games that justified paying £427 for the console.

        Sony came back from that hole, and hit hard with the games they offered. PS Plus is a great service, it’s the only reason why I have Vita games (Yes I have a Vita, I got it pre-owned for £115, which was a bargain price, considering I bought a 3DS at launch for £220) which only cost me £20 a year, because there are fire sales on PS Plus membership.

        Microsoft at the end of this generation got cocky that’s because they got away with a lot of things and people just ate it up. RROD, Xbox live price increases and the requirement of gold to use any apps (funny considering MS wants to be a smart TV box however requires you to have a membership to use media apps. So if you don’t play games, why purchase an Xbox 360/One when other boxes like roku, apple TV, smart TV boxes and you’re own smart TV offer these services for no added membership, are likely to be faster and much cheaper).

        Microsoft’s “success” this generation cause them to get cocky for the next, they did exactly what Sony did:
        – Introduce something that gamers never asked for
        – Things gamers don’t really need and can find cheaper ways of doing it (yeah if I want to watch TV, i’d watch it on my TV. I’m not having two boxes on at the same time to watch TV, and I’d still have to use a cable/satellite remote to change channels if I had it plugged into the Xbox One)
        – Higher price point (this is slightly artificial considering Kinect is a pack in, however we know the PS4 is much more powerful so even when you take Kinect out, why is Xbox One still priced that high)

        The games company that has done TV sort of right is Nintendo with TVii, now here in the UK we don’t have it but he idea of having all the services in one app and having it delivered via broadband is more elegant solution than plugging in the receiver into the Xbox with HDMI IMO.

        If you’re scared of what Sony will do, you should be scared of what Microsoft can do too. They’re both big companies that have made mistakes. Sony is trying to show that they’ve learnt their mistakes, Microsoft at first was arrogant and forceful but now is doing the same as trying to show they understand their mistakes. Difference being Sony has been showing this for the past 5 years, Microsoft has just being verbally saying this for the last few months.

        It’s down to consumers to decide where their money goes. Honestly if you’re not a core gamer then just do everyone a favour and not buy any of the consoles. They’re not going to be for you (not refering to the OP just anyone that’s reading this), they’re for early adopters, people who like testing waters and well are going to get screwed eventually.

        If anyone supported the DRM for Xbox One and wants it back, do everyone a favour and don’t buy any games. You would be supporting a move that screws consumers, that ultimately screws gamers, because it will then cause either Sony Nintendo or both to do the same. We don’t like the idea, however if it became a success then every company would do the same and it would have been because of the Xbox One fanboys.

        No company is perfect, they have shareholders but the biggest shareholders are us the consumers.

  • Tiremfej

    MS does not know how to market. They never really have. Admittedly, as of late they’ve been doing a better job with Windows Phone and Surface, but they are still horrible. They really need to work on their marketing department.

  • Azjerei

    It’s alright, I’ll be getting a new PC instead 😛