Xbox Creative Director Leaves Microsoft After ‘Always Online’ Controversy

Xbox Creative Director Tweets

Microsoft creative director Adam Orth tweeted his opinion about the controversies about Xbox vNext requiring always on internet connection to function. After he tweeted that, a person replied to his tweet about the SimCity debacle and Adam replied him that just like electricity internet may not be available for some time. In the continued conversation it was reported that Adam insulted the other person who was believed to be a Xbox customer which you read in the image above.

Now, Gameinformer reports that Adam Orth no longer works at Microsoft,

Game Informer has learned from sources close to the matter that Orth is no longer with Microsoft. A call to Microsoft’s main switchboard confirmed this fact. Our sources, who wish to remain anonymous, suggest that Orth resigned in the wake of last week’s events. We haven’t been able to confirm whether this was a voluntary or forced resignation.

Microsoft sent the following statement to the media regarding his comments to some person on the internet,

“We apologize for the inappropriate comments made by an employee on Twitter yesterday. This person is not a spokesperson for Microsoft, and his personal views do not reflect the customer centric approach we take to our products or how we would communicate directly with our loyal consumers.  We are very sorry if this offended anyone, however we have not made any announcements about our product roadmap, and have no further comment on this matter.”

Source: GameInformer


  • Henry

    LMAO, fucking funny.

  • koenshaku

    Wishing he wasn’t always online at this point lmao!

    • Deodorant

      Nicely played!

  • Ewinxp2

    Microsoft better not have fired him. Keep firm Microsoft, fuck the haters.

    • Deodorant

      You can’t ignore haters if there’s alot of them, and yes, there are alot of haters of the concept of ‘always online’.
      Take a look at Windows 8, I personally like it, BUT alot of people didnt and MS ignoring the feedback has resulted to lacklustre sales.

      • jimski27

        Nobody is buying Windows 7 either. Who ya gonna blame for that, Apple? Oh right, nobody is buying those either.

        • Deodorant

          Windows 7 was selling like hotcakes when released, and was slowly declining, but RECENT figures show a massive drop in pc sales (13% I think) which is obviously due to Windows 8 since hardly any new computers are getting released with 7

          • jimski27

            Link please?

          • Deodorant

            One of many articles regarding massive drop in PC sales, just google it.

          • jimski27

            Yeah ok. But I was referring your comment about Win 7 selling like hotcakes. Point is, PC sales have been off for several years now. Has to do with something called a Global Recession, that we still have not recovered from. If my car is still running, and my PC still turns on, no need to replace them. My guess is less than 20% of rhe computing world (those that already own a computer) even know what Win 8 is. The unfamiliar Start menu is impacting a very small percentage of potential buyers. And those buyers are simply misinformed.

          • Deodorant

            Initially w7 was selling like hotcakes, just google “windows 7 sells 7 copies per second”. But it did start to slightly flatten out like most things, still faster than the uptake of w8, i think at the hitlinks marketshare website which shows diffrrent OS monthly useage. But agreed with everything else you’ve explained

        • jack

          Lol you anti Microsoft but you use Xbox shame

          • jimski27

            Sorry dude, but I think you missed the sarcasm. Actually, I bleed Microsoft, to a fault.

  • Bugbog


  • Raif Copeland

    Seems like the one sensible thing he said or done was to quit his job before MS booted him or the villagers came with pitchforks and torches. Even Win 8 has a local logon feature. But really, the bigger issue to me is his lack to civility and general rudeness, e.g. “Why on earth would I live there?” comment to someone living in Janesville, WI or Blacksburg, VA.

  • Sergio

    Damn!!! I detest when this kind of things happen. Look, I don’t know the guy but I guess he’s good because he got to a good enough position within Microsoft and I hate to see someone lose their job over this. It’s just unfortunate. Best wishes to him!