Xbox Executive Defends On Claims That Xbox One Is “Underpowered” When Compared To PS4

Xbox One

We have seen lots of debates in the past on whether Sony’s PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox One is more powerful in terms of raw spec. Sony’s PS4 clearly has more numerical numbers which will make it as a winner on paper, but Microsoft has different views.

Microsoft’s Director of Product Planning over at Xbox, Albert Penello wrote about this issue in gaming forum NeoGAF,

The performance delta between the two platforms is not as great as the raw numbers lead the average consumer to believe,”

“There are things about our system architecture not fully understood, and there are things about theirs as well, that bring the two systems into balance.”

“So while people laude [sic] Sony for their HW skills, do you really think we don’t know how to build a system optimized for maximizing graphics for programmers? Seriously? There is no way we’re giving up a 30%+ advantage to Sony.”

“I get a ton of hate for saying this—but it’s been the same EVERY generation,” he continued. “Sony claims more power, they did it with Cell, they did it with Emotion Engine, and they are doing it again. And, in the end, games on our system looked the same or better. I’m not saying they haven’t built a good system—I’m merely saying that anyone who wants to die on their sword over this 30%+ power advantage are going to be fighting an uphill battle over the next 10 years…”

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  • Adrian Remus

    well said! This is exactly what people said about x360 and they were wrong.

    • NGM123

      Yes, history repeating again.

      People can say what they like, but If anyone can optimise a system to run beautifully it’s MS

  • Orc

    Correct, Android has showed us that raw numbers doesn’t mean s**t.

  • nohone

    When the PS3 went on sale, Sony sent out training documentation to companies like Wal-Mart claiming that the PS3 with the cell chip was 3 times (300%) faster than the 360. What we saw was that there was no difference between the two. In fact, there were some games that did not run smoothly on the PS3, but did on the 360.
    If they are claiming now that PS4 is only 30% more powerful, or only 1/9th as more powerful as their claims that did not prove true in the last generation, I don’t think Microsoft has much to worry about.

    • NGM123

      Add to that MS Azure for online and the new Xbox potentially has much more power than PS4, just more marketing BS from Sony

  • Emily the Strange

    I wish people would be smart enough to stop talking crap and would understand Microsoft knows their stuff. its not like they are new to this. I mean, Microsoft knows how to create a OS and their technology its DirectX! they obviously know their stuff.

    But yeah, I don’t trust people will understand this and will still claim ps4 is faster… I mean, there are still some people saying ALL/most xbox games ran on win7 in E3, like if it wasn’t explained that it was only ONE game, and it was developer decision. but still they ignore the truth and keep spreading stupid things, without researching first

  • Guest

    I usually respect Peter Bright. But his critique of the comments is really silly. Anyone with any understanding of multicore knows that you only get linear scaling across the first limited set of CPUs. After that there’s a pronounced drop-off. Certainly at the 12-18 CPU config, there’s no way you’re getting an incremental 100% out of the CPUs added. That’s just common sense. The rest of the MS guy’s comments also seem pretty reasonable. He’s not saying the Sony console doesn’t have a hardware advantage, just that it’s not big enough to matter.

    • guest2

      You are mixing up two very different technologies. Multicore CPUs behave in the way you described, but GPUs do not. The 12-18 config you mentioned are actually clusters of tiny processors called shaders, of which there are about 64 shaders in each cluster.

      GPUs such as the ones in the xbox and ps4, rely heavily on the fact that graphics processing is very parallelizable and they have thousands of small processors working in parallel to render each frame on the screen.

      There are 12 of these clusters on the xbox, 18 on the ps4. That means the ps4 can render frames 50% faster.

  • QuazL

    The showed Down Deep CGI and implied that it was real time just like they did with Killzone. We all know that Killzone looked nothing like the CGI trailer rendered to look like someone playing the game and we now know that seeing Down Deep in actual gameplay doesn’t look anything like the CGI trailer. We are hearing about muddy textures in Drive Club and 720p in BF4.
    I know that we should wait until final kits are being played on, but Sony is doing the exact (I mean exact thing) as the last 3 generations.

    • tbss

      Killzone Shadow Fall was real time xbots are jealous. PS4 has 1152 shaders xdone 180 has a lowly 768 do the math.

  • jack

    I love it. This guy is spot on. Sony does the same thing every console generation and the fanboys eat it up. But apparently these people either have really short attention spans or are too young to remember 5 years ago. Microsoft has proven that hardware specs don’t automatically equal better graphics and gameplay. Its the whole package, not just one single indicator. When Oblivion came out, the technocrati was shocked the Xbox 360 version looked slightly better than the PS3 version. But they just brushed it off saying “the developers haven’t cracked the PS3′s potential yet”. Then Ghostbusters came out, and the Xbox 360 version mopped the floor with the PS3 version. And the technocrati made another excuse for the PS3 saying the “developers were too lazy to properly code for the PS3.” Then Fallout 3 came…. and you see where this is going. The same thing will happen this generation and again the fanboys will have to manufacturer excuses. I can’t wait for the inevitable 3rd party graphics comparisons between XBO and PS4. I bet the XBO version will look as good if not better. Let the PS4 excuses begin!

    • tbss

      You’re ignoring the point. Exclusives look way better on PS3 nothing that the 360 has can touch Uncharted 2 graphics or The Last of Us.

  • Bloob

    Sorry, but PS3 exclusives looked better, the Cell-architecture was just too complex to take proper advantage of in cross-platform games.
    As for PS4, I’ll wait and see. I doubt Sony exec would agree.

    • nohone

      That is pure opinion. If you were to say COD looked better on the PS3 than on the 360, it would still be opinion but at least you could put them side by side, compare, contrast and make factual arguments. But saying something on one looks better on one when the other does not have it is not possible.
      When will this excuse of it is the developer’s fault for not knowing the Cell processor end? Sony had 8 years to make sure the developers had the right tools. They had 8 years to educate developers how to use the chip. But instead, they tossed out their processor that was supposed to be the best available, and switched to off the shelf parts, something Microsoft has been criticized for doing since their original Xbox. If the Cell was really that powerful, it should have been 3x more powerful without any special developer skills. And really, the cell is no different than programming a GPU. You package up some code, send it to the graphics processor, and have it run. That is how the cell processors were to run. If developers were at fault, then they cannot do it now with GPU programming, and so the supposed benefits of the graphics card in the PS4, is moot in the new gen.

      • Bloob

        It’s not anyone’s fault. The Cell architecture was just so radically different, that had multiplatform tools been optimized for it, they would not run well on other systems.
        I just find it a bit premature to consider the case settled based on the arguments of just one side (when those arguments are not factual either, even if the basis for them might be).
        Well, this does not really concern me as I am not going to buy either system at launch, and will have the time to see the truth myself.

  • nadako

    If you make an awesome system designed to help out the programmers. You’re going to have really awesome games. It took almost 2 years for a game company to come out with a game that did actually beat the 360 in terms of graphics. It may end up the same way again but who knows.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Microsoft knows how to build a console, they’ve been leading in those United States for years, not because of the raw specs, but about the overall gameplay, online services and consumer satisfaction, I can see the Xbox One outselling the PlayStation 4 the moment people start ignoring all the negative press and start trying to play the games themselves, probably through the word-of-mouth when end-users will tell their friends and family.

    • NGM123

      Online multiplayer is where the ‘rubber will hit the road’ an the 360 will hose the PS 4 in this area.
      Problem for MS this gen tho is the Wii is tanking, so the bulk of the Asian market will buy sony by default and as a consequence will win long term I believe.

      The Asians purchasing habits are notoriously anti western/american.

      The 360 will dominate in the USA & England and be even in Europe but will play second fiddle because of Asia.
      I hope the new Xbox One console is so good my theory will be proven wrong.

  • Zicoz

    The god of gaming graphics has already killed this discussion over a month ago so there is no point in discussin it.

    • JNate

      Who’s that?

      • Zicoz

        John Carmack

  • theflew

    One of the best advantages MS has is their toolset and directX. They have been doing this stuff for years on the x64 processors. This is new territory for Sony who has never been on x86 or x64 with a game machine. No one knows the x86/x64 architecture more than MS when it comes to OS’s and software.

  • tomakali

    Wish Microsoft could buy PS4 from Sony…
    its PS4 unit that becomes a hindrance to Sony to adapt WP platform

    • ZappyKins

      I would imagine there would be all sorts of outrage and petitions, as when Final Fantasy was also coming out on the Xbox 360.
      Would probably be a few weeks worth of funny.

  • Jhora Zakaryan

    At the end of the day, the small difference in raw specs does not matter. What matters is the number of first party and second party developers who make quality exclusives for the platforms. And Sony wins on this – they have Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream that are bringing visually stunning games even on dying PS3. You can’t deny that PS3 is getting more high quality exclusives than X360.

    • NGM123

      Nobody is denying anything, this discussion is about the next gen

      • Jhora Zakaryan

        I know this discussion is about next gen. I just wanted to point out that the developer support of the previous gen was the deciding factor for me, and the reason I preordered a PS4 instead of XBOne.

  • RamonMendozaGA

    True story. It’s about time someone at Microsoft called B.S. on the spec sheet. As far as I can tell Sony’s hardware advantage hasn’t really shown up in the games.

    • tbss

      And the hardware advantage didn’t show up on PS3 till Uncharted 2 came out in 2009 360 graphics can’t come close.

  • tbss

    What an idiot. Nothing on 360 can touch PS3 exclusive graphics Uncharted 2 and 3, Heavy Rain, The Last of Us. This article makes me want to buy a PS4 even more now.