Xbox Leads PS4 In Black Friday Sales; Accounts For 61% of Console Sales

The limited availability of the PS4 in North America helped the Xbox dominate console sales over Black Friday.   Market Research Firm InfoScout collected over 83,000 receipts from 3,000 people who shopped at Walmart and Target on Black Friday.  Analysis of that date shows the Xbox One with 31% of console sales, the Xbox 360 with 30% of sales, PS4 & PS3 with 15% each, and the Wii & Wii U with a combined 7%.

These numbers may be an early indication of how the Christmas shopping season may go.  Walmart offered the Xbox 360 for $99, and in these tough economic times I think that’s of great value to families.

Infoscout also released some quotes of what they were hearing from consumers:

PlayStation 4

“Too much hype when Sony doesn’t produce enough”

“Expensive. Games are expensive.”

“It’s too high tech none if the older ps games will work with it and everything is way to expensive I think it’s more for the adults.”

“My oldest child wanted a playstation I have no opinion.”

Xbox One

“It’s the only system that has the game my kids want. I’m not happy about it.”

“Waiting to see the first ‘Must have game’”

Xbox 360

“I think its a great system, with the Kinect, the family can get up and move around”

Nintendo Wii

“Fun for kids and families. Love the old school games that you can download”

“Older technology, so less expensive”

Source: InfoScout

  • nohone

    Time to start the excuses, here are some that I have read about the internet. Feel free to add your own!

    1) This is US only, it is Microsoft’s fault that this company only polled in the US. Why does Microsoft only care about US numbers?
    2) Obviously Microsoft paid this company to make up these numbers
    3) Wal-Mart and Target? Nobody shops there anymore, everyone buys from Amazon.
    4) It is not fair because Microsoft made more X1s than Sony made PS4s. Microsoft was doing this only to make the numbers look good for them.
    5) It is an unscientific poll. We should use numbers such as Amazon sales rank to more accurately predict who sold more.
    6) Sony does not care about numbers, they want to keep their sales low so people can have a better experience on PSN+. Because of Europe, PSN+ has been having issues, and by limiting the number of sales they can keep their servers running for their beloved customers who already own a PS4.
    7) Fools, this just means the NSA will be able to more easily spy on you with the Kinect.
    8) People care about price, and because the X1 is priced so high everyone bought a 360.
    9) Every one of those X1s sold was bought to replace broken drives.
    10) People were buying X1s because it has more media features than the PS4, the PS4 is only for games, and the numbers prove the PS4 better.

    • koenshaku

      Well firstly it is just Walmart and target. Secondly forever reason Sony did not have as many units in stock and some retailers were not carrying the PS4 at all like Sam’s Club which is owned buy Walmart is beyond me. It could be that they have to meet demand in Europe or that DDR5 wasn’t ready to be mass produced on consoles where it was solely used for the much smaller PC enthusiast GPU market. I don’t intend to purchase either, but I do find the fanboy flame wars silly.

      • nohone

        Walmart and Target cover the vast majority of B&M sales in the US. It does not speak to online sales, but it is statistically significant indicator of sales that are not online.
        If Sony did not make enough to satisfy demand, you cannot go back later and claim that we should not count the number sold because Sony didn’t want to sell them. Microsoft specifically said they were holding back some consoles for Black Friday, some people used that to claim that the X1 was going to be a failure because it sold worldwide what the PS4 sold in NA only in the first weekend. Now when X1 sells more on BF than PS4 did, the Sony fanboys are whining that it is not fair for the very same reason a few weeks before they were using to claim victory.

        • koenshaku

          I don’t know nor care what sony fanboys are doing. I was just commenting on the statistics it would be nice to know if Sony is having production issues though, as it would justify why MS chose slower memory. Last I checked bestbuy was the leading chain in the U.S for consumer electronics though.

          • Bugbog

            You’re contradicting yourself. You disparage “fanboys, and claim you don’t care about either, yet reiterate a reason (excuse?) for the PS4’s lower availability!

          • NGM123


    • surilamin

      @noh_one:disqus Do you have a way I can contact you? –suril

      • nohone

        Will contact you later tonight with my info.

        • surilamin


    • Fritzly

      While I do not doubt that articles as this are excellent click-bates I personally believe that anyone who is really interested in knowing which consoles is selling better should wait a couple of months and see what happens when the dust will have settled. In the meantime I have a suggestion for another click-bate article to the Author: an article about PS4 outselling Xbox in the UK….

    • BIAS

      Yeah. And on that list, what infuriates me most are the self important losers who think the NSA was just waiting for Kinect users just to stare at them!

    • donzebe

      Anyone can make excuses, All i know is Microsoft and the OEM’s are going to be happy this holiday season. They are not going to come out crying like last year. They going to be really happy.

  • deathdealer351

    Not that I don’t doubt ms had more stock with Sony launching in EU same week as bf. It did help Sony take the most sold units of any console in UK (250k). But I question 83,000 receipts from 3000 people who the hell is walking out with that many receipts

  • Adrian

    Microsoft was sending 24-30 units to each store compared to Sony’s 6. If Sony can’t handle production XB1 will have a nice lead in North America going into 2014

  • LexiconRed

    Who cares about this fanboy crap, I just want Microsoft fix the damn party chat on One. First a bad hard drive, now software issues!!!!!!