Xbox Live Gold Subscription Required To Enjoy Skype On Xbox One

Microsoft Xbox Live Xbox One

This might turn into an another PR nightmare for Microsoft Xbox One. Xbox LIVE Gold features  are compared between Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles in a page on As you can see, there are list of items that comes under Xbox LIVE Gold on Xbox One.

  • Multiplayer Gaming
  • Entertainment Apps
  • IE on TV
  • The NFL on Xbox
  • OneGuide
  • Game DVR
  • Skype
  • SmartMatch
  • Exclusive deals and special offers.

While Multiplayer gaming, exclusive deals and special offers, OneGuide, The NFL on Xbox, SmartMatch may involve costs behind it, I’ve no idea why Microsoft still wants to charge Entertainment Apps,  IE on TV, Skype (really?), GameDVR, etc,.

What do you think?

Source: via: Neowin

  • rjmlive

    I do not think this is the correct strategy. Considering they market this product as more than gaming and a complete entertainment console, many people would potentially buy it just for the media content and control. Being the only console in the world that charges to access apps is not the right strategy.

    • Drewidian

      I suspect that in 2014 MS will announce partnerships with a number of Cable and Satellite companies who will offer the XBOX One on a 2 year subscription for $99 – $199, and for as long as you have your cable subscription, XBox Live gold will be free.

  • saqrkh

    In this case they better reduce the X1’s price to $399 or less. There’s nothing wrong with getting people to buy into your services, but at least make the hardware cheap enough. To price the hardware at $499 and then demand XBL Gold for simple things such as Skype and IE, that’s straight up gouging. Seriously, if MS had Android’s market share in mobile I’m sure now we’d have to pay up for XBL Gold to watch Netflix on our phones!

    • grs_dev

      If they’re going to do that, then just bake the amortization of the unit into the cost of the XBOX Live subscription.
      That’s what cable companies do.
      If I can pay a membership fee + whatever a la cart cost with little to no actual cost for the base hardware, I’d cut the cord in a heartbeat.
      I’d still need a way to connect to the internet but I could do LTE… Maybe.

  • counterblow

    you currently have to pay XBL gold to use Video Kinect, which is the closest thing to Skype right now. Bandwidth isn’t free, and presumedly this would be traffic over the XBL network. I paid $20 a year for XBL gold and I’m paid up until 2016 now. It is cheap compared to the quality of service you are getting. When was the last time XBL leaked your password a la PSN style?

    • arrow2010

      Last I checked there is no paywall on iOS/Android.

      • nohone

        And if Microsoft were to display ads while making a Skype call on the Xbox One, you would be in here screaming about that.

        • grs_dev

          You’re assuming that the Xbox One version of Skype will be ad free?

          • nohone

            None of the demos they have given displayed ads. You are assuming that the Xbox One version of Skype will show ads?
            See, this is the problem. Google will litter your display with ads for Google Voice. They have talked about recording what you say, and using voice reco to find what you are talking about, and use that information to push you even more ads. They have talked about forcing you to listen to an audio ad before placing a Google Voice call. And that is all perfectly fine, because Google needs to fund their little science project.
            But if Microsoft puts up ads, or uses a paid service to offset their costs, then people have a fit and it should not be allowed to happen.

          • grs_dev

            I am simply commenting on the assumptions I saw on here earlier that somehow the Live Gold experience will somehow be ad free, which is just that assumption at this point. No official statement to back it up from Microsoft.

            I am not against ad revenue. I am against creepy, hence why I boycott Google. No need to justify anything by pointing the finger at the creeps white van with the colored letters that read Google on its side :) that Eric Schmidt, Sergei Brinn and Larry Page drive around…

  • Drewidian

    With XBox One being more of a PC than ever, why should I have to pay for XBox Live gold to access these services when its not required on Windows 8 or even on Windows Phone? This policy should definitely change.

    • krayziehustler

      That’s the most convincing argument against this policy. I agree.

    • kalval

      I agree that apps and Skype should not require gold, however I think the business model for Xbox is a little different to wp8/windows 8. Microsoft is not making any profit on the sale of the hardware/software itself for Xbox, whereas they do for windows. This may change over the life of the console as hardware gets cheaper, but right now they need to make a profit somewhere. Not saying I agree with it, but this is likely the reasoning behind this move.

  • Craig S.

    They could drop the XBOX One to $199 without any catch and I still wouldn’t buy it… Not only because they charge for access to services though Gold that I shouldn’t have to pay for but because of the NSA debacle… They can track me on every other device but me watching TV that’s watching me is a hell no!

    • krayziehustler

      NSA?? If you really fear the NSA and think Sony won’t cooperate with them or aren’t already then….

  • grs_dev

    All I have to say to the marketing geniuses at Microsoft who thought this was a good idea is: Dumb dee-dumb, dumbbbbbbb!!!!

    • nohone

      Don’t worry, I am sure Sony will announce software to do the same thing 3 years from now, require you to buy the eye toy, require a PSN+ account, charge by the minute, give a much lower quality experience, and people will claim that Sony is entitled to that money, because they need to make a buck somehow.

  • redtidal

    That’s…just a dump, rip off

  • dlwelch34

    I don’t understand why u people keep complaining. If you have a 360, you knew this was coming, if you don’t have one, your not going to buy a one and you just like to complain in comments.

  • Adrian

    How many times will they shoot themselves in the mouth. The only one I could see having a person pay for is NFL on Xbox since it did cost Microsoft money to get it.

  • bricko

    MS loads up another bullet to shoot self in foot….Ballmer more of loser on daily basis…..

  • Kenzibit

    And if I may ask, is it possible for Xbox 360 users get the skype as an app? Curious