Xbox Live owners vote for Obama in second presidential debate


Microsoft is doing their bit for good citizenship by promoting election participation on Xbox Live.

They broadcast the Presidential debates on Xbox Live, and polled watchers at the same time.

Venturebeat reports:

"More than 100,000 members of Microsoft’s Xbox Live online community for the Xbox 360 tuned into the presidential debate via their game consoles. And based on 2 million real-time responses to 70 polling questions, Barack Obama won the second debate."

Showing that the service is not inherently biased, challenger Mitt Romney won the first debate, a consensus I think most would agree with.

Apparently the participants are pretty representative of the voting population, with 80% being  aged 18-44, 29% Republican and 25% Democrat, expect for men being vastly over-represented at 66% of the participants vs 34% female.

"88% of the respondents were likely voters and 69% engaged to the point of not only voting, but responding that they will definitely talk to their social network about their position on the election." noted Venturebeat.

Microsoft said the level of participation made the event one of the largest single-screen interactive TV experiences in history. With such an active population, the US presidency may be the biggest game Xbox Live members will ever win or lose.


  • disqustingtard

    Next step ban their Xbox live accounts. There would be no Xbox nor Microsoft if communist Obama and the likes succeed with their social and economic destruction by ideology already proven to fail by so many banana republics.

    • techieg

      You are so ignorant. Is it even logical to trust a candidate that kills jobs and send them outside the country, left Massachussets in a deficit, continue to shield the wealthy such as himself with tax breaks and loopholes, cannot share his tax returns, and…(do you really want me to continue)? Just shut up and talk Windows so you don’t get yourself in trouble.

      • ustudio

        You are so ignorant. (look whos talking) Is it even logical to trust a candidate that kills jobs and send them outside the country(untrue he very sucessful business man with a proven record, those are just talking points not facts, left Massachussets in a deficit, ( he had a balanced budget even obama doesnt despute that, beside obamas worse than bush on that point, continue to shield the wealthy such as himself with tax breaks and loopholes, dont hate the man for his success, at the rate he paid taxes he paid over 3 million in taxes do the math, cannot share his tax returns, not one polititian obama included will do that so thats just another talking point, what percentages does obama pay, or byden or the rest? They all all rich, obama included.and…(do you really want me to continue)? Just shut up and talk Windows so you don’t get yourself in trouble. We agree on that one

        • Kruegerman

          Moron, being successful in business is antithetical to creating jobs. The best-run companies generate more revenues with fewer workers. If you’re going to give him credit for being an awesome business man, then you need acknowledge that he’s a job killer.

        • PoohGQ

          Do you live in Massachusetts? I do. You really are so ignorant to not even know that Mitt Romney left the state in economic ruin with so many residents leaving the state for jobs in New York, California and other states with high tech industries. MA was ranked 47th out of the 50 states in job creation, yet it has more universities and colleges for math and science majors. Please, learn to read facts; use the tech (& Xbox) to discover the TRUTH!

      • disqustingtard

        I don’t care about your America, however the creeping communism globally is a major cause for concern. As for jobs going to other countries, that’s where the free market will prevent that unless it is infected with welfare. Glad to know you boycott goods made in China, me also, although I never buy anything made in the US either, prefer Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore.
        Until the communist democratic white countries lower their communist taxes, and abolish their communist welfare, I hope they rot. There are people working very hard in many countries while the communists are drinking bleach because their life is sooooo hard.

        • kalval

          I’ll ignore for a second the flaws in the free market concept itself and focus on the statement that free market economics will prevent jobs going to china, because that is wrong. Jobs go to china because China artificially lowers the value of their yuan. Free market economics could only conceivably work if it were employed in all stages of the ‘money chain’. When China manipulates the value of the yuan, you get more yuan for less US dollars, therefore it is cheaper to buy products from China, and more jobs will end up there. If China stopped their currency manipulation, the yuan would become more valuable and thus products from China would cost more in US dollars and US jobs would be protected. Therefore free market economics will flat out fail because the Chinese government does not play by the rules.
          That leads me to the more fundamental flaw with it: when big business becomes as integrated in government as it has in the US it leads to loop holes and tax breaks being created for big business that do not exist for smaller businesses and individuals.
          There are other problems too, like how the lack of govt regulation led to the buying of ‘bad debt’ by banks and the eventually economic collapse. And free market economics tends to favour monopolies – free market says that whichever corporation provides the best service for the $ will get the customers, but what happens when the biggest provider of that service reduces quality to make profit, then buys out any competition? It takes capital to start a business and in free market economics if you have monopolies they are inpossible to get rid of. That is the idea behind welfare – to provide a platform for poor people to get education and health care so that the rich don’t keep getting richer at the expense of the poor. Tell me, under a free market economy, how does a poor person get out of that rut? The more people you can educate and keep healthy, the more people you have working and paying taxes.
          Interestingly by your standards Australia is very communist with out high tax rate and free healthcare, yet our high employment rates mean nearly everybody is paying tax so the govt gets lots of monet to spend on things like health care and welfare, which in turn keeps people in jobs and lets them go to university in order to get them more skills, which leads to better employment opportunies. But it’s not just good in a communist way, because more people with money means more people spend that money on services provided by big business. This is the kind of cycle Obama is trying to start, it’s just sad it is misunderstood because of ignorance.

    • Mini_Me

      Yes, and the next thing after these communists take away our xBox’esess, they will do even more terrible things, like Obama did 65 millions years ago, when he exterminated dinosaurs with his environmental policies.

  • JoshC

    I watched on xbox live and i didn’t vote for Obama in the last election and I certainly won’t be this time either

  • uberlaff

    You might want to close the comments. It could get ugly in here.

  • Rob Roth

    Of course Xbox Live owners voted for Obama. It’s a younger demographic and it’s a scientific fact that younger = stupider.

    • Ahmed Yousri Said

      say that to the millions of young people who liberated their countries from dictatorships throughout history and around the world while most of those wise older crowds cowered in their homes. younger= enthusiastic revolutionary.

      • Rob Roth

        Keep thinking that. You won’t be a pawn of older people ever.

  • Scubadog

    I’d like to know by what percentage Obama allegedly won. So far, it looks like just as many polls say Romney won, and my observation was that it was pretty much a draw. Ultimately, I think it was a bad idea to even post this in the first place.

    • SuperSport1966

      The reason they posted this is because Microsoft is Pro-Obummer. Makes them feel special to post these idiotic polls.
      I cannot for the life of me understand why we would give this guy a second term. Double the Unemployment rate, Double the Deficit, Less Income, Higher Taxes, Higher Gas Prices, Higher Food Prices, etc, etc, etc…

  • Bugbog

    As far as I’m concerned, Obama kicked ASS!!!

    You could literally, over time, see Romney’s ‘Average All-America’ facade crumble under the onslaught of Facts and Figures that Obama was bombarding him with!
    His speaking mannerism at these debates is such an obvious act! Devised to obfuscate the lack of details that his ‘camp’ are promulgating! (A 5-point plan that doesn’t provide any detail?!!)

    And, whilst like many, I may dislike bickering and people over-talking
    each other. That was eminently necessary in a debate like this,
    otherwise Romney would just cheat by over talking if Obama just stood by
    and played by the rules (like last time!).
    Romney, to me, seems like a big baby. Waah, Waah! I Have to have the last word!!

    Well too bad baby! :)

    • Scubadog

      And you probably enjoy Jersey Shore. You appear to be the typical shallow person that supports socialism. Obama’s facts and figures were mostly mythical, quite honestly, but I wouldn’t expect you to recognize truth. You clearly would like four more years of the disaster the current administration brought. You exemplify why cousins should never marry.

      • Bugbog

        Haha! I’d actually be offended if you truly knew the definition of the meme you throw about, instead of just parroting it.